To what Degree are you Committed?

Regardless of who your client is: an individual, a corporate executive, students on a spiritual path, there is one essential piece that if missing will lessen your capacity to empower people. I’ll put this in the form of a question: To what degree are you committed to empowering people? Put yourself along a line from 1 to 100 degrees. Where do you find yourself?

What obstacles keep you from being further along the path of success and mastery? The degree to which you are committed to empowering people is the degree to which you will be effecting change! Notice what might be interfering with a deeper level of commitment. Could there be another conflicting commitment, which may have your thoughts or emotions interfere with fully being present to the work that is yours to do. I strongly encourage all of us to continue engaging in personal and professional coaching to support the work we’ve come here to do.

There are a lot of us interested in support groups and telegroups are so easy to create. What do you think?

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