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My Spiritual Principles and How I Came to Learn Them

A principle is not a directive. A principle won’t tell you what to do or how to do it. It is just a statement of perceived truth. It is a statement which guides and delivers each individual to their destiny. Discerning the principles by which you live your life might be the most important task of this lifetime! I created a lot of suffering in my life because I followed the principles that I was trained to believe were true. My religion, my heritage, my gender, my environment – each infused within me certain truths that I believed I needed

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No Way-I’m Not Going!

I leave for Bali in a few weeks, and as the time draws nearer I find myself terrified of traveling to a part of the world that I’ve never been before. What comes to mind is "no." What comes to my whole being is an experience of fear and trauma. Part of me wants to back out! It’s too scary!!! I realize that I have a choice in this moment to avoid and ignore the sensations of fear and trauma, or I can explore the source of these sensations and fears. I’ve discovered over time, that to immerse myself in

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Creating Heaven on Earth

Given all the reading and the phenomenal conversations I’ve had with individuals who have experienced near death experiences (NDE’s), and other spiritually transformative experiences (STE’s), I have no doubt that if I died today I would be immediately embraced by loving beings on the other side. I would experience uncompromising love, kindness and compassion. Immediately I would feel absolved of all my sins, mistakes and errors. The shame and guilt I thought were mine to bear for eternity evaporate into the light. I would be free. In this Heaven, there is no wanting, no needing, no hurt, no fear or

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To Deprive Myself is Out of the Question

These blogs are part of a video series I produced earlier this year. From Free Video-Blog series, to E-book and now to Blogs, I wanted to provide as much access as possible to these words of wisdom. Why? Because, I’m all about the fulfillment of the Human-Spirit…Everyone’s Human Spirit! So, here we go! The most frequently used statement of anyone wanting to change their way of being in the world: "I Don’t Want to Deprive Myself!" Okay! #1 Rule of Diet Like a Guru is: You need not deprive yourself of ANYTHING! So, with that said, you are now free

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Deep Recovery –

We think we are recovering from our addictions to harmful substances and activities, or to habitual mental or emotional practices. Truth is, by surrendering our use of substances and behaviors that harm us, we begin reclaiming ourselves from that which encourages self-abuse, self-neglect, self-loathing, and most importantly, from the denial of Self. Can you imagine that? Deep Recovery empowers us to mindfully give up those practices that entrain us to ignore our inner wisdom and guidance, and have us continually live with stress and despair. To defer to no one, which is the most self-honoring practice of all, requires that

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