Diet Like a Guru

Diet like a guru! Really?

“Diet”, to many of us, is a four letter word. Immediately, we imagine deprivation, emotionality, and ways to put off until tomorrow any activity that requires change, challenge, and hard work.

There is another way to attend to our well-being – No deprivation required! This way is different than other weight loss, or diet processes, in that it empowers you to explore with curiosity your relationship with yourself. It is only with yourself that the conversations about food and what it will give you occurs. When you uncover your specific beliefs and interpretations in relation to food, drinks, and all substances, you instantly have access to free choice. And, if what you want is to thrive in well-being, it might make sense to look at the mechanisms that are interfering with you having what you want. That makes sense, right?

Gurus Don’t Diet

Yes, Guru’s don’t diet. They don’t use substances to mask or numb themselves from emotional pain and fears either. They empower themselves to look at their emotions, thoughts, and body sensations mindfully. With presence of mind, they uncover old patterns of thinking and believing that no longer make sense, except within the unexamined vault of wounds.

You and I are no different from any Guru I’m aware of.

You have the same capabilities to choose in service of your highest truths and values. And every Guru began where you are now – in doubt, fear, and resistance. They, like you, decided that something is more important than numbing, avoiding, and distracting their minds from their true selves, and the life they’ve been given. They, like you will, have taken one incremental step at a time, examining what has caused them to choose unsuccessful practices over and over again. They have found that every single moment revealed the truth of inner courage, conviction, strength, and love; they just had to see it and not turn away from it. I, like you, like every Guru I know of, can, and will inevitably choose love. It’s just a matter of when.

This series, Diet Like a Guru, provides perspectives, stories, and ideas that will empower you to think differently about what you may have not been thinking about at all. It encourages you to question those principles and values that you’ve relied on for a lifetime, in support of your choice-making regarding food, drinks, and any other substances that seem to give comfort and nurturance.

I Want My Freedom to Choose What I Want When I Want!

We believe that allowing ourselves to indulge our impulses comes about through free will. The fact of the matter is that free will allows us to choose to indulge, or not to indulge. This series assists you in witnessing the degree to which you are actually freely choosing to indulge. You will notice how often you are choosing from some hidden control mechanisms you don’t even know was there. With curiosity, you come to know yourself fully, and thus discover you can effortlessly choose freely, because you empower yourself to do so.

There is no pressure or time line. There is nothing to do that you don’t choose to do yourself.

There are no should’s and shouldn’t’s or do’s and don’ts. What this series does is provide you with a timeout, for just a few minutes every other day, to be present and mindful to the thinking that has you choose to indulge in those impulses that take you away from what you truly desire – thriving health and well-being.

You will find through the days and months ahead that you will connect with your wise inner-guru-self to support you in engaging in “dieting” as a spiritual practice. The guarantee is you do not have to deprive yourself of anything, and there is no sacrifice; only the cultivation of true free will to Diet Like a Guru.


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