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My intention for creating this site is to empower you, personally & professionally, so that you can intentionally & authentically become the fullest expression of your essential self.

Here you will find blogs, upcoming events, videos and other resources related to all aspects of relationship-building, spirituality, and business & leadership development and coaching. All of the offerings here are in service to the fulfillment of the human spirit, while cultivating awareness of who you are and how you be you.

At the core of everything I write is a seed of hope that whoever reads my pieces recognizes within themselves that which they so want to avoid seeing. To stay current with my teaching, coaching, and retreat schedule, please join my newsletter. As a thank you gift, you’ll be given the Pre-Flight Checklist for personal evolution and success.

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Upcoming Events & Courses

10 Essential Truths to Master The Art of Transformational Coaching

A Guided 21-Day Self-Transformation Online Training Course

How to Stop Giving Away Your Power

Start your journey with one of Dr. Rosie's 14 Books!

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Transformational Coaching for Everyone.

Working with Dr. Rosie in Transformational LIFE Coaching – with the emphasis on LIFE, brings a whole new interpretation to the field of Coaching. Whether you wish to be coached or be trained as a coach, it requires in you a willingness to master the art of enlightened living through the direct experience of questioning your own life, its processes, patterns and choices. 

Dr. Rosie's Media.

All of my offerings on this website are intended to promote and cultivate awareness in your own unique path to self-transform. If you enjoy learning and exploring through reading, check out the numerous blogs related to personal and spiritual issues. If you enjoy learning through listening and viewing, then visit my YouTube Channel, where you will discover videos that will definitely meet your interests. I have no doubt!

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Aging Like A Guru -
Who Me?

Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? is a fun and inspiring show about the process we’re all stuck dealing with-AGING! Dr. Rosie Kuhn shares a perspective that will empower you to age gracefully + mindfully, and with a smile on your face.

You will find yourself laughing, and relieved, as you find pieces of yourself revealed in every episode. Come laugh along with us!

Spiritual Immersion:
Taking the Plunge

Spiritual Immersion is a process of revealing the ever deeper and richer layers of our spirit-selves. This Spirit-Self resides within our human form and can only be fully known through direct, personal experience. Only through this direct experience can you explore, experiment and discover your truth and live that truth.

Through these Podcasts we will gently immerse ourselves in the layers, the processes and the transformative experience of discovering our human-spirit. We cultivate a dynamic and awe-inspiring relationship with our selves. How great is that!

Beyond Food Integrity,
thriving Like a Guru:

Hello everyone, I am excited to announce a new podcast series I am creating in collaboration with Carol Grieve’, called “Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru.” This will be a weekly podcast series with both Carol and I.

On the new series, Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru, we will not be interviewing any guests–we will just have discussions on different topics that may assist you to thrive and create health and wellness in every aspect of this life! I find these conversations refreshing and fun! I hope you do too!

Rosie's Artwork.

In the fullest expression of our human spirit, creativity abound. I’ve learned so much about myself, beyond my self-imposed limitations, not only through writing but through acrylic painting, knitting and others crafts I’m inspired to play with. I encourage everyone to discover their own unique creative style of self-expression. Check out some of my work – just for fun. I’d love for it to inspire you to create!

Ready To Shift your Paradigm?

You are here, I suspect, because you are curious! You are inspired to explore. Inspiration is the key element for transformational work. As a transformational coach my job is to support and empower individuals to engage with inspiration, to experience the trepidation of stepping outside their known box of existence and to experience exhilaration and fulfillment of their human spirit. This is big work for both the coach and for the client. 

My clients and my trainees are extraordinary people. Each is invested in expanding their breadth of wisdom and experience, only in service to bringing the fullest expression of their essential self to their professional and their personal lives. Each trains themselves to intentionally show up and engage with LIFE in order to fulfill their mission, which is to fulfill their life purpose. They were ready enough to shift their current paradigm. They were ready enough to explore what is beyond the limiting and constraining viewpoint that has brought them only so far. 

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