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I’ve been creative all my life – it’s a genetic thing, so my family says, because there are so many of us that create. 

As a kid, I believed I had no talent and was ashamed of my creations. I hated them and hated myself for being so lousy at it. I pushed my desire to be creative, in the sense of paintings and crafts, to the darkest corner of my being, and focused instead on creating a marriage, a family, and a home. Yet as much as I loved the idea of this form of creating, it didn’t fulfill my deepest need for personal expression.

It’s taken me decades to allow myself the time and space to create artistically. Nowadays, it is my therapy and my meditation. Though my writing is absolutely an expression of creativity, it still has a purpose as a device for creating affluence and guidance for others. My painting process – not so much. This is for me!

To my delight, I am my happiest, and am most myself when I’m creating. And yet, I still don’t make the time to create as my heart desires. I’m working on that. ;)

If there is any of my artwork that makes you smile and inspires you, you are welcome to purchase prints and various other objects with images I’ve created at


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