Transformational Coach Training

The Foundations of Transformational Coaching Training with Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Transformational coaching not only cultivates awareness of the Essential Self, but it also has a listening that reveals this Self in a way that elevates its significance to the top of one’s list of priorities. When an individual begins to tap into their Essential Self, they are inspired to uncover more and more as the quality of experience that arises from authentic living feels generative and profoundly empowering by nature. In the end, each individual will ecstatically accept the Essential Self as home. The divisive constructs of our culture slowly evaporate, allowing effortless expansion and the actualization of our Oneness to continue.

One-on-One Trainings

Training to be a transformational coach takes dedication, commitment, and integrity with one’s self. It requires a degree of accountability to not only cultivate the skills and tools of transformational coaching, but accountability to your own personal and professional development and desires.

Every trainee has to own their deepest wish to fulfill that which they speak aloud. As well, each trainee has to fully comprehend the dynamics of true transformational coaching, which goes far beyond the practice of Life Coaching. This rigorous training necessitates an orientation into a transpersonal and spiritual domain. Orienting oneself within this domain takes a deeper practice and dedication – dare I say, a devotion. For this reason, I have found that the most effective way to train individuals to be transformational coaches is to work with them one-on-one.

Here’s what makes this so effective:

  • There is very little waste of time learning theory and practices that don’t create the effectiveness you are investing in. You can learn and understand these theories if and when it makes sense to do so. Your time with me and your practices as a transformational coach will focus on the use of those skills and tools that bring the most effective outcome for you and those you serve.
  • We utilize the experience you have already established in the work you’ve already been doing. We will shine the light on the strengths you have developed in the various skill sets you already use, and we will build on those.
  • This process allows you to use your own learning style. I don’t foist upon you anything that isn’t in alignment with your highest truth and your highest well-being.
  • I have many videos, blogs, power-points and books to support you in becoming the transformational coach you want to be. In addition,  I’m open to you using the books and other materials that serve your learning best.
  • In one-on-one trainings, accountability, commitment, and the cultivation of “that,” which is required for the most effective outcome as a coach and as a client, is far more visible than in other trainings where you are not required to show up in your accountability. Personal coaching is built into this training program, so you receive the best of being both the client and the coach. 
  • You create specializations as you wish. You are not under the dictum of a program that may focus on Life Coaching in general, limiting your exposure to transpersonal and transformational principles you may desire to master.
  • The timing of our meetings works around your schedule. You can go as fast or as slow, as much or as little, as you want. You may just want a few hours of mentoring specific to transformational coaching within your specific field. You decide the degree of immersion that you are dedicated to.
  • You pay as you go. The fee of each individual session, whether it be training, supervision, mentoring, or for your own coaching session, is currently $195 USD. 
  • Core Competencies, developed by the ICF (International Coach Federation) are prominent in the discussions and skill building of this one-on-one training program. 
  • Access to a group practicum is available for those interested in participating in a discussion format with other transformational coaches and trainees.
  • You will receive a letter of completion for the number of hours completed in Transformational Coaching.

Want to know More?

It all starts with… A Declaration of the Fulfillment of the Human-Spirit

In my thinking, my writing, and my work as a transformational coach, my mission is to speak to the essence of the human-spirit in every individual that I can reach on the planet. I’m addressing those who know, yet are apprehensive to acknowledge their knowing. I’m addressing those who want to, but are hesitant to live in their knowing. I’m addressing those who are nervous to stand out from the crowd, despite the fact that they know there can be no true division in the eyes of Oneness.

As a transformational coach I’m also working with those who are readying themselves to take a leap of faith for no other reason than to honor their own extraordinariness and marvelousness. I work with those who are in a dark night of their soul. They know the light exists, but just not in this little corner, in this moment in time of their lives. I address the despair, the hopelessness and powerlessness they may experience, while they are waiting for the light to return.

In service to this declaration, I’m deepening my practice as a trainer of transformational coaches. I’m dedicated to cultivating mastery in those who experience the knowing, and to a greater degree, are dedicated to bringing that knowing, presence and wholeness to every individual they can reach on the planet.

What is “the knowing?”

The knowing is what you know to be true, beyond the egoic knowing of what you should do/not do; it’s the deeper truth of Self. A lot of people know the knowing, but still choose to live from fear. I want to train those willing to live into their knowing of their Big Truth, and are dedicated to coaching from that place of knowing.

Those who have a knowing are essentially the light-bearers – the keepers of the light. They light the way for those who have yet to trust their inner knowing. For they know the light is within each and every individual, no matter how dark the time, no matter how dark the mood. Their desire, like mine, is to speak and attend to the human-spirit and the knowing that is within, so that each of us will know what it is like to be the fullest expression of our essence-self.

If you, dear reader, resonate with this perspective, then we may have some wonderful work to do together!

The coaching training I’ve been doing for the past 20 years is founded and grounded in facilitating each trainee’s individual needs & wants for bringing forth their light and their wisdom into service.

Training to be a transformational coach is an intensive in cultivating intelligence through self-study, deep listening, and the practice of curiosity. Every aspect of Life – including Business, Health, Spirituality and Relationship – is responsive to the foundational practices found within transformational coaching.

I work to expand your ability to draw on your direct human experiences, in service to those who sit with you as clients. We start from where you are currently, and set our trajectory towards where you want to go with your capacity to be present, to be knowing, and to hold the truth for others.

I focus on and excavate your discoveries, and more importantly, the processes you’ve experienced as you’ve amassed so much wisdom and intelligence while on this adventure that we call life. This grows your capacity to be you – aware of the Who inside of you and the humanness of your experiences This will be the gift that you bring to every one of your clients.

As you become aware of this process for yourself, you can then facilitate the same process for others – as a thinking partner  – in a highly effective and compassionate way.

Who is this for?

This training is for people who know there is something deeper, something more essential within the coaching field. This is for people that want to get to the source of be-ing and the source of do-ing. It is for those who want to advance themselves beyond the current paradigm of coaching. If this is you – read on!

The Transformational Coaching Training with Dr. Rosie Kuhn may be right for you if:

  • You’ve studied yourself and want to go deeper with self-knowing and self-actualizing.
  • You are ready to support and empower others in studying and knowing themselves and in self-actualizing.
  • You trust your experience.
  • You trust your knowing.
  • You trust that each human being has this deep knowing of who we are at our core, and that each can thrive, if given a thinking partner that can witness and empower their expansion.
  • You want to witness each individual growing their capacitors to be with higher frequencies and vibrations, higher knowing, and higher states of being.


What you have built through your own years of experience of searching for the truth, of revealing what you’ve come to know as true, and of practicing living in that truth is a foundation upon which to build the next level of mastery. It’s through the wisdom of your experience – what you’ve revealed to yourself through your life experiences –  that you become a steward of transformation for others.

For more information about what it takes to be a transformational coach, go to:

For those intending to apply for certification from ICF, you can create a portfolio application, which will document what you have learned in relation to the Core Competencies. Visit for details.

You would be responsible for documenting hours and the core competencies that you are learning.

Questions? Ready to Sign Up?

Please contact me at, or call me at 360-376-4323 to either sign up for the training or answer any lingering questions you may have about this program. Thank you!

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