My clients are extraordinary people. Each invested in expanding their breadth of wisdom in service to bringing the fullest expression of their essential self to their profession and to their life in general.

Halley Stroth

When I began training with Dr. Rosie Kuhn I knew that the trajectory of my life was being shifted in a powerful way. The quality of presence, skill and wisdom that Rosie offered throughout my training allowed me to contact, strengthen and animate my deepest intelligence, resilience and wisdom. These tools continue to support me in all areas of my life, including, my work as a transformational coach, relationships of all types, and most importantly in the deepening of my connection with Spirit. Working with Rosie has been a true honor and I will be forever grateful for the gifts I cultivated from our time together.

Joanna Taylor

Undertaking a transformational coaching apprenticeship with dr Rosie Kuhn has been the best life decision I have ever made.

This training is experiential and embodied, and by that I mean that Rosie masterfully knows how to take her students through a personal, deep and transformational process while keeping one eye on the methodology and training aspect of coaching.

The result of this is that, through the process of inner purging, shifting, and being taken compassionately to the edge of my comfort zone time and time and again, inner transformation has occurred and continues to occur. Therefore, the ability to walk with my clients into those same places, which is necessary for them to create the life they want, comes not only from tools and techniques, but primarily from an embodied understanding of my client’s deepest fears.

It is my understanding that to be an effective agent of transformation, we must first traverse the unknown waters ourselves, so that we can shine the light for others.

This is what Rosie’s training does.

And as an additional note, I had done other coaching courses previously, but I was not confident enough to coach clients.

After six months with Rosie, I am now coaching paying clients and my business and confidence and love for this work continues to grow.

I am also continuing to be mentored by Rosie as I coach others, which I find invaluable.

Ayesha Malik

Dr Rosie Kuhn is experienced and highly educated in the coaching field. After starting coaching with her I find true understanding of the basics of coaching and a deeper understanding of meaning in life. She has the magic to find extraordinary in ordinary people, meanings in hard situation and love without conditions. She is a true mentor and a great coach.

Todd Phillips
Life and Business Coach

Rosie Kuhn has been my mentor, my teacher, and my coach. Through the powerful work that we’ve done together I have gained tremendous insight into both my Essence and my survival strategies. I can stand grounded in my own greatness, and can much more easily live, love, work, and play from that place. I have a much better understanding of what it is to be a human being, and have learned to recognize and sidestep the strategies that kept me stuck in ineffective thoughts and actions. I now have access to a more spacious place for my life and projects to unfold in, and allow this with more integrity, intention, and grace.I have been profoundly affected by my connection and work with Rosie, and I know that there is much more transformation available and coming my way though her. Rosie is brilliant, impeccable, and speaks with a fierce compassion that holds me to my own vision of my self. Working with Rosie is one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever given to myself.

Marko Satarain
Director, HR – Performance, Engagement & Recognition
Gap Inc., San Francisco, CA

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Rosie Kuhn. Her performance working as a Consultant and Executive Coach for Gap Inc. has proved that she will be a valuable asset and resource to any company or individual.

I have known Rosie for six years in my capacity as Director of HR at Gap Inc. Rosie worked for us on various projects as a consultant and Executive Coach, and based on her work, I would rank her as one of the best consultants we have ever had.

She distinguished herself by consistently demonstrating exceptionally well-researched and emergent strategy related to catalyzing exceptional business results from key talent within our organization. Rosie is innovative and commands exemplar analytical and communication skills. She has published her own book “Self Empowerment 101”, as well as numerous online-articles. She’s part of a rich network of respected Thought Leaders that she can access, crossing different companies, industries and academic venues, which expanded her navigational abilities within our work together. She is truly gifted at facilitating one-on-one conversations, small groups and large groups that leave the participant with new found ways of actualizing their potential!

If her performance in our company is a good indication of how she would perform in yours, she would be an extremely positive asset to your program, initiative or long-term goal.

Carmella Granado
Sr. Dir. Org. Effectiveness
FLEXTRONICS Global Services, Milpitas, CA

Dr. Rosie Kuhn is an outstanding coach and teacher. I worked with her for 4 years at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP 2006-10), first as a student and then as part of the class support team. In that time I learned how to differentiate between the mentoring I was doing for years (thinking it was coaching) and what true transformative coaching was and can do. During that time, though the core curriculum was constant, Rosie’s practice of presenting the material in the best way the current class needed to receive the material….meeting them where they were at….was an outstanding demonstration of her mastery of the material and showing us all how to organically use what shows up in the conversation to help people better understand what was in the way of bridging the gap between where they were and where they said they were committed to be. I developed greater and greater refinement of my listening and curiosity skills that has served me well in supporting the ITP classes, in conducting my private coaching practice and my corporate role within Flextronics as an executive coach and internal consultant building capability in our organization. The work in the ITP classroom also translated well when Rosie and I co-facilitated a “leadership exchange” event last year between the senior managers within Flextronics and the GAP clothing stores. I always look forward to working with Rosie as it’s an opportunity for me to continue to polish my skills and when she coaches me, I’m able to move forward so much more quickly and with confidence in my action.

Vicki Prentice Associates Inc.
Artist Representatives/Creative Consultants
New York, NY

Thank you! You are an invaluable witness to what your clients “are called to do.” You empower them to act with a confidence with an inspired purpose and content, to bring their calling into practice into the world. This is the art of transformational coaching; supporting the emergence of the higher and authentic self into actualization, in combination with the science of an experienced transpersonal psychologist. You are a 21st century educator, scholar, and one of the preeminent transformational life coaches in the global world today.

Marnie Ewing
Executive and Life Coach
Gap Inc., San Francisco, CA

I was trained by Dr. Kuhn as a transformational corporate coach. My training was extremely effective in preparing me to work as an executive coach at Gap Inc., where I am currently employed in the Executive Development department. The training, models, and tools were highly relevant to the executive coaching environment at Gap Inc. and very effective as well.

Rosie brings to the corporate world not only her mastery of life and executive coaching, but also deep subject matter expertise, and a proven model – the domains of awareness – that empowers individuals to bring about the results they say they’re committed to thru empowered choice-making. Rosie’s experience, wisdom and presence brings a unique and transformational energy to the corporate world. In my estimation, there’s no challenge or issue too complex that the quality of her coaching cannot successfully address. Any organization would benefit from Rosie’s model of transformational coaching as would any organization that endeavors to develop a cadre of certified executive coaches. Rosie is the obvious best choice for this work.

Judy Dutton
Director, Organization Development & Training
Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union, Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Individually, collectively and organizationally we have seen benefit from the leadership work you have taken us through. For so many of us this has been an incredibly powerful program, and I thank you for that – both as the Director of OD and as a participant of the workshop.

Bree Luther
Corporate Coach
Sun Microsystems.

I so appreciate your willingness to dive right in with the ELTA group yesterday. You were/are amazing and I experience that you are a “Master” at working with groups, and in this case a corporate group, who are at different levels and different mediums(in person and over the phone). The way you held the group, engaged with them, provided thoughtful feedback that was inclusive of everyone, as well as the tools you invited us to use during this time of change was impeccable – thank you.

Hagai Heshes
Director of Product Marketing
SanDisk, Milpitas, CA

Rosie has been my guide in my journey to myself – both my personal and my professional self. From day-to-day problem solving to identifying my core values and philosophies as a manager – Rosie has been helping me crystallize and pin-point my own strengths and has taught me how they can be effectively applied in my professional life to overcome any challenges.

We all live in a competitive environment, led by goals, objectives and driven to achieve more. Rosie helped me take a step back and focus on myself and on making the journey even more enjoyable than merely reaching the finish line. This change of mindset enabled me to deal better with professional challenges, enjoy the journey, and, as a natural consequence, achieve more!
Rosie undoubtedly helped me to improve my management abilities. It is my pleasure to commend Rosie to you unreservedly.

Sue Suidzinski
Addison Ave. Credit Union
Palo Alto, CA

Regarding Transformational Leadership Program at Addison Ave. Head Office Palo Alto, CA

The program for me has provided the following:

Insight into my behavior. I now have a better understanding of why I do what I do and thus can change my behavior for the better.
Insight into my constant fear. I have learned that I am more fearful than I thought I was. Fear of failure and for not appearing perfect. This was huge for me. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist, a worrier, however, I am very hard on myself and I have learned I do care a lot about what others think. Thru these sessions I have come to realize that we all are fearful and have our. As a leader, understanding my fears and insecurities has enabled me to be a bit more vulnerable by allowing myself to show who I really am, flaws and all! And it is OK – I am being real and present and that can only lead to better leadership.
Overall I am a better person, woman and leader as a result of these sessions. I want to take this opportunity to thank Rosie for providing this wonderful gift to me and to the woman who are with me on this journey. It has been fantastic!

Debbie Granica
Addison Ave. Credit Union
Palo Alto, CA

Working with Rosie inspired me to be true to myself. I thought I was working from a place of my essence and realized that I wasn’t. I was able to make myself a priority, allowing me to make decisions that are good for me and my employer. I am contributing at a higher level than I ever have.

Betsy Fox
Transformational Coach
Boulder, CO

I have done many transformational programs, and have been growing my transformational practices for over 20 years. I have never experienced the deep, visceral phenomenon that occurs by going through weekends with any other training program. . . . it’s incredibly powerful. . . . I feel like my soul has moved to the outside of my body, and we stand there, admiring each other.

Thank you, Dr. Kuhn, for having the capacity to create such an experience for others. It takes very, big creative whole solar system stars like you to provide infinite space for this to happen.

Ashley Dentino
Teton Wellness Festival Speaker Committee Member

Rosie Kuhn, PhD is a powerful force in the field of self-empowerment. As the author of Self-Empowerment 101 and master of transformational coaching she brings a tremendous amount of wisdom to her practice along with ability to hold space for others as she walks with them through their own process of evolution. Her expertise and guidance is able to light up awareness around oneself, shift perspectives, bring clarity and evoke conscious action. She’s the person I call on when I’m in need of support. I trust her in meeting me right where I am and walking with me through my experience. As a coach she is able to speak from a place of non-attachment, offer a space for me to move into that comes from MY most conscious place and be playful and creative in the process.

Dr. Kuhn also participates in the world as a presenter and facilitator in her field. She’s an engaging speaker who works at following the expansion, energy and unfolding of the group. Rosie is truly a gift to the well-being of humanity and the human spirit.

Pat Hall

My experience with the Transformational coaching class and coaching with Rosie has been profoundly life changing and affirming. The container provided during the classes and coaching sessions have allowed me to step into a fullness of being that I would have never dreamed possible. I know now that I can embrace my life purpose and accept the challenge to continue to evolve as both a spiritual and human being. There are no words that can possibly express my gratitude for this amazing gift.

Sydney Reuben

I signed up for Rosie Kuhn’s Transformational Life Coaching program because I believed it would help me to develop my ability to come from a place of presence in my interactions with people and would be an impetus for my personal/spiritual development in general. What I received was so much greater than what I had anticipated. Not only am I more present on a more consistent basis, I have also learned to be a really creditable coach — quite confident in my ability to be of significant help to others — cleared away many of my stuck places, and become part of an exceptionally loving group that I am proud to call my coaching family. Over a period of six years, Rosie has fined-tuned the content of her trainings, developed a list of experts in various areas of coaching who do some of the teaching, and consistently imbues her groups with her ever-expanding wisdom, love, and good humor. CAUTION: I would recommend this training only to those who are ready to transform their lives in the most positive ways.


Thank you for your wonderful coaching; your focusing me is different than anything I”ve ever experienced and I’m learning it; I think. At least, I’m doing some great work with my clients that is letting them access deeper places than I’ve ever been able to do consistently.


Rosie is a remarkable and gifted coach. Her ability to remain deeply compassionate while continually coaching me to profound realizations and shifts is absolutely brilliant. The growth I have encountered in my coaching with Rosie, both as a coachee and as a coach trainee, have been empowering, life-changing, and lasting. I feel blessed to have received such unparalleled mentoring and coaching. Thank you!

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