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My clients are extraordinary people. Each invested in expanding their breadth of wisdom in service to bringing the fullest expression of their essential self to their profession and to their life in general. Each is engaged in high stakes ventures and understands that in order to fulfill their mission they must make a paradigm shift. They’ve hired me, Dr. Rosie, to expand their repertoire of possibility. Extraordinary people know they can’t do it alone. Some of the extraordinary clients I’ve worked with include industry giants such as Gap Inc, SanDisk, Nike Israel, Flextronics, SuVolta and others.

Individuals who’ve achieved greater degrees of enlightenment lead from wisdom and integrity. They are far less likely to waste precious resources engaging in ineffective confrontation. They are far more likely to choose to bring their highest and best contribution to their organization and to the world.

No doubt you are an extraordinary person too, exploring potential avenues for broadening your capacity to be the fullest expression of your essential self. My work as an executive coach, a life coach, a trainer, writer, and speaker is intended to empower you to fulfill your greatest capacities “ whatever that means to you. At this site you’ll find great information to support your decision to hire a coach, including blogs, events, trainings, archives of radio and TV and even my art!


I look forward to supporting YOU, too, along your path of enlightened leadership.

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