About Dr. Rosie

Rosie Kuhn, PhD

Preeminent Thought Leader, Coach and Leadership Facilitator

Dr. Rosie Kuhn, author of the popular book, ‘Self-Empowerment 101‘ and founder of The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, is the preeminent Thought Leader in the field of transformational coaching, coach training, and leadership development.

Rosie specializes in identifying and transforming belief systems that hold us back in business and in life. She empowers individuals, executives and organizations to fearlessly embrace transformation and realize previously untapped potential.

Working with Rosie requires integrity, accountability, and commitment to actualize the desired outcome. Her fierce, compassionate nature and grace under fire inspires confidence and cultivates growth in every one of her clients.

Rosie began her career over 30 years ago as a clinical therapist for addiction recovery programs in Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1999 she founded The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, and in 2001, she created the Transformational Coaching Training Program in Silicon Valley, which she facilitated for over a decade.

Her unique model of coaching builds upon her understanding of the domains of awareness of our humanity; the foundations of which are systems theory, transpersonal psychology and years of immersion in the field of addictions. Her expansive breadth of knowledge and experience bridges quantum physics to cosmic consciousness.

Dr. Kuhn is brilliant in her capacity to champion transformation within organizations. She has her finger on the pulse of the current global paradigm shift, which gives her an extraordinary fluidity with cognitive, emotional and spiritual acumen.

Rosie has successfully coached and trained professionals in banking, sales, recruiting, HR, health, education, and non-profit organizations, for clients such as Gap Inc., SanDisk, Flextronics, Sun Microsystems and Nike Israel.

Engaging and charming, Rosie is a popular speaker, facilitator, and blogger. She captivates audiences, often moving them to both laughter and tears. She has appeared at the podium, on television and radio, at the San Francisco New Living Expo, Santa Clara University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Outside of her career, Rosie makes her home on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest where she spends many glorious afternoons painting with acrylics. One of her greatest feats is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean aboard a 93-foot schooner. Her second book, The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer tells the story of her choice-making process that took her to the far reaches of appropriate womanhood and closer to her own true essence of being. All of Rosie’s books are available at amazon.com.

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