Creating Heaven on Earth

Given all the reading and the phenomenal conversations I’ve had with individuals who have experienced near death experiences (NDE’s), and other spiritually transformative experiences (STE’s), I have no doubt that if I died today I would be immediately embraced by loving beings on the other side.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail I would experience uncompromising love, kindness and compassion. Immediately I would feel absolved of all my sins, mistakes and errors. The shame and guilt I thought were mine to bear for eternity evaporate into the light. I would be free.

In this Heaven, there is no wanting, no needing, no hurt, no fear or anger; no poverty, no illness or dis-ease. There is no need to hope or wish, nor is there a need to trust or believe, because all is present as knowing in the presence of what is.

If I know that I will experience this when I get to heaven, if I know that I am already worthy of experiencing this in Heaven, if I know that I am loved and cared for beyond measure in Heaven, then what keeps me from experiencing this Heaven on Earth?

The truth is, at least the way I see it, is that Heaven is already available on Earth, in a blink of an eye. Our consensus reality – the one we are immersed in, has trained us to believe that we are unworthy of Heaven, and only through penance, punishment, sacrifice and servitude will any of us be able to enter the Gates of Heaven.

The truth is, at least the way I see it, is that we have to empower ourselves to see that, no matter how much penance, punishment, sacrifice and servitude you endure – it changes nothing. In my coaching practice, I have met very few people who actually believe they have suffered enough, and have forgiven themselves completely for their past discretions. From consensus view of reality, you are never enough, and it – your penance, punishment, sacrifice and servitude, is never enough. This is an insane and sad way to live life, wouldn’t you say?

What I’ve learned earlier in my life, from people and from the majority of the religious teachings I was forced to swallow, is what has kept me from living as if I’m already in Heaven. The unbearable burden of shame, guilt and unworthiness had me inevitable turn my back on religion and spirituality, for a very long time, until I found sources of truth that resonated with my heart, and rejuvenated my spirit. I decide that I wanted to live in my highest potential and would do whatever it took to experience this – whatever this was/is. I know this highest potential now to be experiencing Heaven on Earth.

A Course in Miracles, Oneness, and all of the writings of David Hawkins, and other spiritual teachers say clearly that it is our birthright, our inheritance, to know ourselves already in Heaven.

It takes a lot of training to reverse all the teaching, memories, and fear-based beliefs, which keep us locked in an insane world. The keys to our prisons are inches away. All it takes is the desire to experience Heaven on Earth, not for just moments at a time, but every moment of every day.

I Have a Knowing that We Can Experience Heaven on Earth.

All that is in the way of experiencing Heaven on Earth, by me or by any of us are our limiting beliefs and energetic patternings, which act as impenetrable barriers. The Gates to Heaven are closed and sealed shut, not by God, but by my own making, by our own making, by our own choice-making, and only because we continaully empower ourselves to continually choose to ignore, deny and avoid the Heaven that is here, now.

Only through self-empowerment can any one of us begin to choose differently in order to experience Heaven on Earth. Only through self-empowerment can any one individual become accountable for maintaining the patterns and beliefs currently in place, which keep us blind to the ever present Loving Kindness. Only through self-empowerment can any one of us choose differently, in alignment with our highest truths and principles, our highest values, and in alignment with making our highest contribution through our lives. And, lastly, only through self-empowerment can we exonerate ourselves from all of our sins, mistakes and errors, forgive ourselves completely, and surrender the belief that penance and punishment, sacrifice and servitude will get us through the Pearly Gates.

I have no doubt, today, that I am already everything I need to be, in order to live in the abundance of Heaven. And, I have no doubt that you are already everything you need to be, in order to live in the abundance of Heaven. Giving up every thought and memory that contradicts this truth, is all there is to do to truly experience Heaven on Earth. Easy right!

I’d love to support you in doing whatever it takes to experience Heaven on Earth. Email me, and we can set up a time to discuss ways to empower yourself to experience the Grace of being you.

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