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Aging – Who Me?

My 68-year-old client, Miranda, was profoundly impacted by the results of her cataract surgery. Without the need for glasses, Miranda was confronted by the fact that she could no longer hide that she is aging.   For decades, Miranda’s eyeglasses were a fashion statement. She has all sorts of shapes and colors. She loved the attention she received because of her personal style in eyewear!  Until her cataract surgery she hadn’t realized the degree to which she was hiding behind her glasses. Without them she felt vulnerable, ashamed, old and on the decline into decrepitude. Holy Cow!!   On our

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“I’m Only 40! Is This Me Aging?” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? With Dr. Rosie Kuhn Podcast #106

Hailey turned 40 years old eight months ago. Today in our coaching session, she’s grappling with choices regarding career changes and what that will mean in terms of her body potentially getting more round and saggy if she is less active. “Is this me aging?” She asks. “Am I going to turn into a frumpy, dumpy, menopausal woman, with hair on my chin and all? Is that what I’ve got to look forward to?” Hailey has a lot to look forward to. So much more than her fears tell her. Tune in, and discover what’s available for Hailey and for

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“My Life Is Going to Hell In a Hand-basket” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? With Dr. Rosie Kuhn Podcast #103

 "Many sensations come, many thoughts or images arise, but they are just waves of your own mind. Nothing comes from outside your mind. To realize pure mind in your delusion is practice. If you try to expel the delusion it will only persist the more. Just say, ‘Oh, this is just delusion.’ And do not be bothered by it." “ Shunryu Suzuki My friend Daisy, who worked in hospice for many years, shared with me that most people make the greatest spiritual advancement in the last few weeks of their lives. I find that fascinating!

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“Welcome to the Show” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn Podcast #100

There is no doubt about it – we are all experiencing aging. And, what it is that creates the experience we are having while we age is our beliefs, our expectations, our judgments and interpretations about aging. A curious phenomenon occurring within most human beings, is that, inside the experience of aging is a being that doesn’t feel old, and doesn’t even consider themselves to be aging until they look in the mirror. When they look in the mirror they often feel a shock or horror when they see who is looking back. “That’s not me! I’m not aging!” Aging

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