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Ask Dr. Rosie: Anticipating the Vulnerability of Being Human

As some of you know I’ve just become a grandma as of last week. Not only that, I’ve also taken up winter residency in Niagara Falls, Ontario for the next month, supporting my daughter, her husband and sweet, little, baby Andrew. Though the birth of Andrew was expected and my visit to Niagara Falls planned, the birth took place three weeks earlier, which makes my stay in the Great White North much longer than I intended. The temperature here has been consistently below freezing and it’s been snowing every day since my arrival. I’ve got my own clean, well-lit basement

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Reviewing Values, Regrets and Acknowledgements

From: Julia W. Boulder, Colorado Dear Dr. Rosie, I’m curious how you’ve prepared for this New Year? Did you evaluate and assess how things went for you in 2010 and make a list of what you want to have happen in 2011? What process did you follow to make this coming year better than the last? Look forward to seeing you at the next Colorado Wonderful Women’s Retreat in February. Julia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Dr. Rosie Hi Julia, What comes along automatically for me with the end of a season, a cycle or a year is a process of questioning of

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Leadership and Character Building

There are numerous theories, models and systems, all developed to empower leaders to be more effective, more motivational and inspirational. The question arises “ how often do we as leaders actually use these theories, or better yet, take our own advice? How do we hold ourselves accountable as a corporate leader, a religious leader or a leader in a family. Specific codes, principles and rules are talked about yet are too often overlooked by the very people who speak them or even create them. I find that fascinating. What is it that has us ignore or avoid a way of

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Can I Get a Witness?

"I don’t want you to fix anything! I just want you to listen" How many times have you said this, or had this line said to you? Or, have you ever said this to someone, or had it said to you? "This isn’t about you! This is about me “ stop making it about YOU!" And, one more. . . "You are talking but you aren’t talking to me! I feel like I could walk away and you wouldn’t even notice." Ah! Listening and speaking, communicating, connecting. . . . What the heck are we up to? From these few

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Leadership and Loving Kindness

From: Karen, Montgomery, Alabama Dear Dr. Rosie I work as an HR person in a medium sized company here in Montgomery. I love my work because I get to use coaching skills to not only empower employees’ productivity but also create an environment that is fun and highly effective. Lately, though, the employees have been bringing me more challenging issues. I’m having to intervene in a way that feels forceful and imposing rather than my more usual style of empowering them through inquiry to take actions on their own behalf. Because there’s potential for harming themselves or being harmed by

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Power, Leadership and Humility

From: Sarah, Atlanta, Georgia Dear Dr. Rosie Thank you so much for your blogs. You provide an important perspective and provide inspiration at the same time. I’m beginning to develop my business as a Life and Business Coach. My intention is to work with people who are business directors and leaders. I’ve got to develop a sense of power in order to feel grounded in my coaching. I’ve read your book Self-Empowerment 101 and understand the importance of personal power, however I’m afraid the way that I choose to be powerful will come across as aggressive and pushy. I’m afraid

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Ask Dr. Rosie: The Constraints of No Boundaries

It’s not uncommon for children to grow up not knowing their own beautiful thoughts and feelings and their essential needs and wants. You might be asking "How can that be?" Well, it’s one of the ravages of families and the individuals inside them. They are at war with themselves with no one to mediate a peace treaty. In some ways we have no choice in the matter when it comes to which family we arrive into as infants. I don’t know a single soul who asked to be born into violence, depression, poverty and sickness. But here we are, thousands

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June 2009

Welcome again! 7am on the Redeye ferry from Orcas to the mainland. Springtime makes my feet want to root themselves in the earth. It is not a time to go gallivanting around to more beautiful places “ they can’t be found. Birds, trees in bloom “ everything’s in bloom. After 6 months of winter’s darkness in the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature births us all over again to be her eyes, her ears, her sensing bodies in service to absorbing the beauty and the light that arrives with this season. I’m not an intrepid individual, really. I leave the Island every

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