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Choosing What is Infinitely Pleasing Over Guilt and Deprivation

The choices we make are so often created through a visceral and emotional trigger. Most of us are imperceptibly unconscious of these responses and consider them so normal we have no awareness of this process. We are unaware and unconscious of how we choose to choose what we choose! Until we become aware of how we choose what we choose we are at the mercy of a system – patterns of being, which keep us stuck, resistant and pretty unfulfilled. And, we wonder why life isn’t changing for us, even though we really want it different. Little by little I’ve

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My Spiritual Principles and How I Came to Learn Them

A principle is not a directive. A principle won’t tell you what to do or how to do it. It is just a statement of perceived truth. It is a statement which guides and delivers each individual to their destiny. Discerning the principles by which you live your life might be the most important task of this lifetime! I created a lot of suffering in my life because I followed the principles that I was trained to believe were true. My religion, my heritage, my gender, my environment – each infused within me certain truths that I believed I needed

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Be Happy For Others – It Can Be Contagious!

As a young adult in my 20’s, 30’s, and even into my 40’s, I would see people with partners, children, houses, cars – success and fulfillment in a nutshell – and I would feel resentful. They had what I wanted. To be honestly truthful, in my 60’s I still witnessed myself believing that I can’t get for myself what I so want in the world. I’ve been bitter, resentful, and I’ve have carried victimhood like a right and an entitlement for the tragedy that was my life. Why did they get what they wanted? Why not me? Mind you, I

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Wanting the Stars in My Lap: Manifesting – The Art of Letting Go

I know a lot of people, including me, who want to instantly manifest their desires for wealth and prosperity. There are even tons of books and videos, workshops and presenters that tell you how to do it. The truth is, however, most of us miss the point of the exercise of what’s being taught, so we manifest disappointment, not delight! The book Oneness, received and transcribed by Rasha (2006), provides enormous support in cultivating the capacity to manifest one’s heart’s desire. It virtually says the same thing that every other source of expertise on the subject suggests: To notice and

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