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When Blocked and Frustrated – Let It Be

I finished a painting this past Sunday. That’s nothing new. However I felt like I’d worked hard all weekend. I was exhausted. And come Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I woke up looking forward to a nap! "But there’s so much to do! And I haven’t done enough to deserve a nap!" I admonished to myself. Thursday, however, I awoke with ACISTE PRESENTATION POWER POINT knocking on my brain – trying to get itself onto paper before I was out of bed! (I’m presenting at the upcoming ACISTE Conference next month. This power point presentation had to get completed.) I had

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Friday’s Feast on Facebook This is What Happens When You Get Successful! Recently I started getting an influx of emails from Mailchimp indicating that people were subscribing to my newsletters. This is a good thing, right? I noticed, however, that there was something not quite right: in the section of the form where there should be the first and last name, there was a series of letters – not words. I began to panic. I must have gotten hacked – though it makes no sense why this could be of value to someone else! "This is What Happens When You

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