To Deprive Myself is Out of the Question

These blogs are part of a video series I produced earlier this year. From Free Video-Blog series, to E-book and now to Blogs, I wanted to provide as much access as possible to these words of wisdom. Why? Because, I’m all about the fulfillment of the Human-Spirit…Everyone’s Human Spirit! So, here we go!

The most frequently used statement of anyone wanting to change their way of being in the world: "I Don’t Want to Deprive Myself!" Okay!Diet-Like-a-Guru-Cover for Amazon

#1 Rule of Diet Like a Guru is: You need not deprive yourself of ANYTHING!

So, with that said, you are now free to choose whatever it is you want. You can have as much as you want of whatever you want! You have the power and freedom to choose! YES!!!!

Now for the biggest conundrum you will face as you take on the practice of dieting like a guru: Either you are depriving yourself of your substances of choice, or you are depriving yourself of the health and vitality you want to experience in your life. It is a dilemma, and how we be with our dilemmas will help us move relatively gracefully towards our desired outcome.

Wait-I just told you that you didn’t have to deprive yourself of anything, right? What gives?

I have two questions for you that will be foundational to how you proceed through this practice: "What is it that you want? And, what is it that you want “ enough – that you are willing to experiment with how you be with the dilemmas and conundrums facing you. How will you adventure into possibility?" okay, that’s 3 questions!

When I ask my clients these questions, they often say: "I want to be healthy; I want to lose weight; I want to bring more exercise into my life; I want to be a model of healthy living for my children; I want to be happy and fulfilled. AND… I want to continue to indulge my impulses- not deprive myself of anything." Excellent!

It is good to get it all out onto the table. And, knowing that you do not want to deprive yourself “ and most likely will do whatever it takes not to deprive yourself, will go a long way to bringing you to the results you are looking for.

Believe it or not, that part of you who is adamant about avoiding deprivation believes it is looking out for your best interest. It operates on the premise that deprivation will lead to certain death. It doesn’t want you to die, so it keeps wanting you to do whatever it takes to survive. This part of you is wise in the ways of surviving. It is not wise, however, in the ways of thriving. It doesn’t understand that optimal living is what you actually came here to experience.

To diet like a guru means that we become mindful of how we think what we think. We develop a willingness to be curious about how we be in our lives, in our bodies, in our emotions, in our spirits. We notice our desire to have it all “ to deprive ourselves of nothing, yet continually deprive ourselves of what can be the most valuable assets of life: health and happiness.

To diet like a guru, there is no hurry to make any changes. There’s nowhere to get to “ really. You are already whole. You are already amazingly beautiful, precious, and unique. You already have everything you want. The fun part is just being curious and in wonder “ enough to begin to explore where you are in your own personal evolution! It’s like unwrapping a beautiful package, using the utmost tenderness and care.

Just for today, notice any fears, worries and anxiousness that may arise as you begin to consider the possibility to maybe diet like a guru. Notice too, perhaps some excitement, wonder, and curiosity about what might transpire through this practice. If you have the desire, you may start a journal for yourself, to write down what comes to you as you take baby steps towards saying yes!

Tell yourself that there is nothing you have to deprive yourself of today. There is nothing you have to give up; there is nothing you have to change. With tenderness and care, reassure that part of yourself that is really scared of dying by deprivation that you will now be taking very good care to not have that happen.

It takes only a few moments a day to realize the ease of dieting like a guru. Take a deep breath and celebrate that you’ve chosen to come this far today. That’s it!


I’d love to support you in your quest to have the body and the health you truly desire. Contact me when you are absolutely sure you are ready to have it for yourself. We will have fun making it happen.


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