Day: June 18, 2010

Pursuing a New Career without Feeling Pressure

Usha is a 40 year old woman living in India. She is a qualified dentist; however, due to family commitments she wasn’t able to create a dental practice. What evolved for her was a big surprise. She began doing yoga and found herself passionate and so much happier than she could imagine. Usha is now teaching yoga and wants to make her living from yoga, rather than dentistry. She’s curious about how one can organize and smartly pursue a new career without feeling any pressure. Many of us, because of a variety of conflicting commitments, have to make choices that

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What Have I Got to Lose?

Ron Heifetz, a Harvard professor says that it is not change itself that disturbs people; it is the loss that accompanies change. With change, stability is lost; relationship to one’s perceived reality and identity can disappear. Who you are now is different than who you were just moments ago. You can’t not be affected by what you invite into your reality. That can sound pretty daunting, but is actually just part and parcel to being human! As you embark on the possibility of considering that maybe you could create what you say you want, you face fashioning a world that

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From Start to Finish

Every idea, every proposal or project has a beginning, a middle and an ending. There are people who are really good at starting or beginning things. Others, that once they get things going are good at keeping them going, while others still, aren’t adept at beginning things but are great at finishing things. Every one of us is better at one then we are at the others. It’s good to know which one you are so that you can 1) just be curious about how you operate, 2) see how it serves you to perhaps begin things but not to

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To what Degree are you Committed?

Regardless of who your client is: an individual, a corporate executive, students on a spiritual path, there is one essential piece that if missing will lessen your capacity to empower people. I’ll put this in the form of a question: To what degree are you committed to empowering people? Put yourself along a line from 1 to 100 degrees. Where do you find yourself? What obstacles keep you from being further along the path of success and mastery? The degree to which you are committed to empowering people is the degree to which you will be effecting change! Notice what

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Be the Invitation

We are all about the paradigm shifts. And in this new paradigm, we no longer think in terms of competition, marketing strategies and selling yourself. These terms are fast becoming bankrupt concepts that in the past had you think of yourself and your services as a commodity. We are beginning to realize that being a success with your business or practice is more about building relationships than it is about selling or marketing. As an individual in the process of developing yourself and your skill set, consider being an invitation “ inviting people into your life in such a way

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Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

All of us are stepping out over the precipice of our comfort zone we take on that next new client, hobby, partner, or that next new skill set or tool. New budding business owners are in anguish at having to somehow invite clients into their brand new practice. There is so much uncertainty in their professional career. They feel so vulnerable to rejection, and more devastatingly, they are vulnerable to their own self-talk. Self-criticism and self-loathing are two of many strategies many of us implement to avoid being with uncertainty when we don’t know what the heck we are doing.

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Uncertainty, Invulnerability and Survival Strategies

Simple pointers to empower you to be in alignment with your commitments “ making a difference in people’s lives. Every so often I have a run of issues that tie into one fundamental human impasse. I have one of those "Ah-HA!" moments, than share it with Todd and my trainees saying "This is THE fundamental human issue, that if we listen for and speak to it in transformational coaching will create effortless shifts. If we get this you’ll have this coaching thing down!" Here’s what’s seems to be the essential issue of late.

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Money: from Distressing to De-stressing

Usha Asks: Hello Dr. Rosie, It feels nice to read these articles as I feel I’m not alone in pursuing dreams that are different from what I earlier set out for. Here’s my question: How can handling money be shifted from a distressing situation to a de-stressing one? Regards, Usha From Dr. Rosie: Dear Usha, Thanks for your presence and your questions. You bring so much to this column with your sharing of what’s unfolding for you. The easiest way to shift handling money from distressing to de-stressing is to shift how you think about money and then create new

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