Be the Invitation

We are all about the paradigm shifts. And in this new paradigm, we no longer think in terms of competition, marketing strategies and selling yourself. These terms are fast becoming bankrupt concepts that in the past had you think of yourself and your services as a commodity. We are beginning to realize that being a success with your business or practice is more about building relationships than it is about selling or marketing.

As an individual in the process of developing yourself and your skill set, consider being an invitation “ inviting people into your life in such a way that they will want to get to know you and the work you are doing.

Developing a successful practice is an inside job. The more you internally cultivate the experience and knowing that you have something incredible to offer the more you effortlessly exude your essence-self. The more authentic and real you are, the more people will be attracted to you. They will approach you asking what it is you do. Be that invitation!

What I want to know is how do you want to let people know about you? What are ways that you enjoy engaging with people? What feels effortless to you in creating conversations about what you do? Writing, speaking, classes, workshops, & free demonstrations are just some of the ways to have people get curious and even fascinated with who you are and what you do; you get to decide what’s your way.

Here’s were things get "hard." Though you’ve been training and practicing, building skills, getting your website and cards ready, you have to "do something" to connect with people in some way so they can find you. You have to actively take steps to engage with your potential audience. People won’t find you on the internet or be interested in having your card unless you’ve somehow been intriguing enough that they want to know more about you. The dilemma: I want clients but I don’t want to deal with rejection, or I don’t want to give up my free time, or I don’t want the responsibility of. . . . will create the thought "This is HARD!" Know that and decide again what you are committed to.

For me, being the invitation works so much better because I’m doing what I love in such a way that people are curious enough to contact me for work. That whole thing of "Do what you love and the money will come" really works. I still have to be-with potential rejection and the responsibility of being successful, but it’s worth it because I’m enjoying myself. I’m having fun and more and more people are curious. I totally encourage you to find your way of inviting people into your world.

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