Resisting the Habit of Resisting

I find it fascinating, the amount of time and energy we put into educating our minds, regarding the world around us, yet dedicate so little time educating ourselves about the world within our hearts, within our souls.

Each of us ongoingly meet adversity within contexts of power, health, money, safety, death, natural disasters, and more. For each of us, the way out of these adversities is through our hearts, not our minds. I know this goes against consensus reality, but where in the heck is consensus reality taking us, anyway?

Whether it’s relationships, health, or money, all of us have been being with an enormous amount of emotions, body sensations, thoughts and spiritual presence. Most of us are in a holding pattern and use all sorts of substances to numb out the slightest restless, irritable, discontent. We don’t like being uncomfortable!!!

As you know, there are thousands of self-help books, programs, coaches, spiritual guides and therapists who empower people to empower themselves to stop numbing out. The majority of us, however, will develop physical and emotional diseases that will inevitably do us in, because we are stubborn and adamant about resisting growth, self-realization, and a fulfilling life.

Why, why, why are we so, so, so resistant to doing what will inevitably bring about joy, peace and well-being, not only for each of us personally, but for all those whom we touch?

Okay, so the primary reason is that, well, we are afraid. Afraid of what?

Even though our survival is not at stake, each of us carry the patterns of fear within our DNA and within our cellular memory. Most often, we don’t use our intelligence to assess the levels of real danger present. Instead, we act from memories, from history—not from the truth of this moment.

We are afraid to feel the fear. We are afraid to experience the restless, irritable, discontent, which may signal some eruption of traumas from our past—even traumas from past lives, which fuel our anxiety more than any other trauma.

I learned the other day that fear itself, never changes. It doesn’t mature or become more wise. It’s like an adolescent who will remain an adolescent forever. Its only focus and purpose is to generate more of itself, whenever it’s given the opportunity. When you act from fear, you grow it. It loves that! MORE PLEASE!!!

On one level, we understand that we are whole. We understand that our wholeness includes grief, angst, agony, despair—the whole shebang! We cultivate the ability to embrace wholeness—not just in our words, but in how we relate to ourselves. Our inner wisdom encourages us to know we are so much more than our circumstances. And, that our circumstances provide impetus to truly discern what we are resisting.

It may be that, when you experience some level of restless, irritable, discontent, you do something to ignore, avoid, or deny the source of those sensations. Before we can bring healing to ourselves, we first need to be willing to see what we are up to. It is pretty universal that we ignore, deny, avoid and distract ourselves from what we are experiencing. Isn’t that something? We are all pretty much doing it! JEESH!

I often ask myself what I’m gaining by resisting. What do I get by remaining closed to experiencing myself when I’m feeling sad, mad or bad? I sometimes ask myself, “How long are you willing to live a life of suffering, settling, and surviving? What is the one thing I can do, in this moment?” Sometimes I’ll just hear, “Not today.” No guilt required, as the time will be right when it’s right, and not a moment sooner!

Having walked this walk, having explored aspects of my wholeness that I’ve resisted before, and continue to resist, humbly I can, in all honesty act as a testament to how full we can make our lives. We all just need to practice resisting the habit of resisting. 


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