Who is Running MY Business?

Professional Development Includes the Development of Our Personal Self

Facilitated by Dr. Rosie Kuhn


Whether inspired to start a new business, participate in a large corporation, or work in the service industry, each of us have the intention of bringing our best selves forward. We imagine feeling fulfilled in our work, while contributing to the betterment of the company or organization we work for. We look forward to making a difference through our presence in the world. Why else do we do what we do?

When things are going great, all careers can be fulfilling. But, when challenges begin to surface, and we feel frustrated and perhaps victimized by the system we work within, even when it’s our own business, we wonder: "Who’s running MY business?"

What causes brilliant, highly creative, and inspired individuals to make choices that kill their business or their organizations? Why would any of us make poor decisions, which lead to dysfunctional relationships, the loss of employees and profits? Who’s inside us that’s making dumb decisions?!

The root source of poor decision-making is the fear of vulnerability. Underestimating our potential to fulfill our highest contribution, we collapse into choosing to choose out of fear of being vulnerable. When people and organizations feel that they are about to risk losing something intrinsically valuable to them, they choose to choose in service of remaining invulnerable, even when this choice could mean losing their business, their integrity, or their soul.

Join Dr. Rosie Kuhn in this two-day workshop (the first in a series of 4), where participants will develop the capacity to question their choice-making process. They will have an opportunity to discuss some of the most vulnerable aspects of being a human being within the context of their business or organizational environment. They will notice the degree to which their fear-based choice-maker is limiting the potential of every aspect of their business or organization. They will learn how to choose differently, in service to the fulfillment of both their professional and personal selves.

Participants will leave more confident in their choice-making abilities. They will clearly distinguish when their choice-maker is acting from fear, or from wisdom. They will develop a process through which they can question their decision-making process and willingly answer those questions that may trigger vulnerability and fears of risk. And, they will leave clear that their commitment is to act in alignment with cultivating a thriving business.

Dr. Rosie Kuhn is a Transformational Life and Business Coach who has worked with Gap Inc, San Disk, and other international companies, to support and empower their executives and management teams to question who is running their business. She is the author of many blogs and books, including Self-Empowerment 101, Dilemmas of Being in Business, and The ABC’s of Spirituality in Business, all available on Amazon.com. For more information about Dr. Rosie Kuhn go to her website: www.theparadigmshifts.com.


Date and Time: Aug. 10-11, Registration begins at 8am. Workshop goes from 9am-4pm

Location: Brainerd, Minnesota

Lodging in Brainerd

Fees: $250.00 Early Bird until July 1st.

$275.00 After July 1st

For more information regarding lodging, and to register, contact Jane Brekken, or contact Dr. Rosie Kuhn at 360-376-4323 or email her at rosie@theparadigmshifts.com

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