“What Causes Dis-ease?” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #180


What Causes Dis-ease?

I was often told as a child that I was beautiful. It made me uncomfortable. With eight brothers and sisters who were also vying for the limited attention available from our parents, I felt bad, embarrassed and shame for being in the limelight in this way. Physical beauty was very important to my father, so winning the prize for this particular quality created some degree of separation between me and my siblings.

Ironically, I have been plagued with skin cancer for most of my adult life, especially on my face. Sure, I spent a lot of time in the sun – especially sailing for six years professionally. But what’s interesting is that none of my siblings have skin cancer the way I do. Why is that?

In my studies regarding dis-ease and the causes of disease, science and research confirm that is it our thoughts and our beliefs that are the source of our cancers, and every other major disease. Only 1% is considered genetic! Though we may carry the genetics of certain diseases, what triggers the actual disease is most often our thoughts and beliefs. Incredible, right?!

If you’re skeptical, check out The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, and You are the Placebo, by Joe Dispenza.

Recently, during the meditation from Joe Dispenza’s book, I’ve been more observant of the beliefs that no longer work for me. Most of them are so unconscious that I don’t even know that they are there, or in what ways they are operating. But when asked in the meditation, “what beliefs do you want to let go of,” I’ve become more and more clear: I am not safe; I’m a victim to my life and the world; I can’t be successful; I am alone.

Through this process of taking inventory of these negative beliefs, the belief that "I need to punish myself for the attention I’m getting," surfaced. It made perfect sense that in essence, disfiguring myself as a punishment for my physical beauty would fix the injustice that I caused in the family.

The second question asked in this meditation is, “What new belief would you like to make true for yourself?” Answering this question is very challenging for me, especially to put it in positive wording. It’s not that I want or need to forgive myself for the fact that I happen to have had a certain amount of physical beauty. It’s that I want to totally and completely accept myself, no matter what!

This includes beauty, intelligence, creativity, and whatever other positive qualities I possess, as well as all the faults I’ve been shameful of. So eliminating the shame for being me allows space to enjoy all of me! That’s what I want!! To celebrate, embrace, and enjoy all of me! I like that!

I believe the skin cancer I’ve lived with is sourced within numerous beliefs that I’ve carried within me. And, I believe I contribute to the healing of my dis-ease by incrementally shifting each negative belief that surfaces into a positive and loving one.

I’m empowered by the very practice of unburdening my body, mind, and spirit of such negativity. And, I truly believe that I’m alleviating the need to suffer for any reason, whatsoever. It’s a very powerful practice!

I want this for you too! To empower yourself to unburden your body, mind, and spirit of all negativity, and to replace it with the belief – the knowing – of your perfection, in all ways!

Listen in and then please share your perspective with me on my Facebook page!

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