“We Like Rewards!” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #132


We Like Rewards!

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts take on challenges to earn badges. They expand their breadth of experience to include activities that up until now have been perhaps outside of their comfort zone. But, for the sake of earning the badge, they assail the unassailable. So it is with life as a human-spirit.

A lot of people enjoy electronic games. There are all sorts of awards and rewards built into the process of advancement. There is acknowledgments of accomplishments – woo-hoo! There is also the training of one’s self to be responsible for the level of advancement attained and to be attained. These are very cool. Taking responsibility for your own life is key in gaming and in the real world.

So where are the awards and rewards of spiritual work?

Some religions and spiritual traditions say, “work hard now so you can get the rewards when you die.” Racking up Karma Points – Yahoo!

Intrinsic rewards are built in to a lot of activities now that I think of it. Sports bring people to those sweet spots, those moments of flow, union, one-with-the… that brings then back for more. That’s been my experience of this spiritual immersion process as well.

Like any discipline – scouting, gaming, sports, surgery, with advancement comes fulfillment. Discovering the aspects of this spiritual work that will keep you coming back for more – well that’s the real reward!

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