“There is No Such Thing as Dysfunctional!” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #163

There is No Such Thing as Dysfunctional!

The truth is, we grow up in families, cultures, educational, political and religious environments that condition us to think, feel, need, and want what is considered normal for our culture. If we deviate from the norms of our environment, we are considered a black sheep, and perhaps become an outcast. So, regardless of how sick and crazy our culture might be, we learn to bend to their rules. And, within this, then we are “functioning.”

When we venture out into the world where other cultures meet or meld, we might find ourselves limited in our ability to be ourselves, to be resilient, to understand and allow others to be who they are and for us to be who we are. Our ability to work, play and love in the mix of others is where we can see how we empowered ourselves to be, and to survive in the culture of origin.

It is here that we can begin to explore perhaps choosing to be different that what we were conditioned to be.

I believe that there is no dysfunction really. There is only one’s ability to choose how they want to be their natural and fullest expression in the world. Fear always wants to interfere with this, and it’s up to us to empower ourselves to be ourselves in relation to fear in the best way possible. In fact, every one of us is highly functional and has the capacity for creating optimal conditions in our lives. We just have to declare that we are ready!

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