“Stillness – Wisdom or Aging?” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #164

Stillness – Wisdom or Aging?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a nap almost daily. Sometimes it’s fatigue that’s driving me to lay down. Sometimes I just want to create an emptiness in my mind.

I use my mind to think about, discover, and unconceal patterns in my life that limit my capacity to be the fullest expression of my essential self. All that thinking makes me want a break! When I lay down, I’m calling a “time out!” And, I can then focus my attention to where there is no thought – only emptiness.

Sometimes, I’ll say, “Okay, you’ve had a really productive morning. You’ve done some really good work. Now you get to clear the decks and just be still.” I then say, “I empty myself of everything.” Most of the time this works. I focus on an empty space that exists somewhere in my field and be in that space. It’s quite refreshing.

Anyone who’s been interested in meditation knows that stillness is what one is seeking. So, for me to wonder if it is wisdom or if it’s that I’m just getting old, I think it’s the former. I’ve always loved taking naps. And to follow my body and mind’s requirement for a break, it’s a very good thing.

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