“Solitude or Isolation” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #179

Solitude or Isolation? Does it matter? YEP! Big Time!!

They may sound similar, but there’s a big difference between solitude and isolation, and the difference is what motivates a person to be alone.

The bottom line is that quite often as we age we can do with a lot less people time. We need more “Me Time.” We can get kind of bored with all the social pageantry that use to be so important to us. We’d rather binge on a Netflix series, a good book, or a knitting project that we can’t wait to finish. There isn’t fear in being alone. There isn’t a sense of missing something or someone; in fact, FOMO is long gone. We find more fun ways to enjoy our own company, and the company of close friends and family – perhaps, and in limited quantities! This is called solitude, and many people relish in it as they age. Nowhere to be but exactly where they already are.

Isolation, on the other hand, is something that can occur because of fears, or loss, or depression. Some people think that they are less appreciated or loved as they age, and begin to worry about not being able to be all that they once were in life. They often don’t know who they are without their previous roles and identities, so they stay home and feel bad about themselves as they hide from others. Not a fun way to live one’s life.

Do you have a sense of whether you’re headed towards isolation or solitude? Which one? Listen in and then tell me your experiences on Facebook!

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