“Discomforts of Cultivating Wholeness” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #176


Discomforts of Cultivating Wholeness

There’s a lot of discomfort in this spiritual immersion process-we are purging the cellular memory from trillions of cells. Energetically & emotionally we are detoxing the dense old belief systems we’ve been immersed in for lifetimes. And, it isn’t uncommon for aches, pains, and questionable "symptoms" to arise that cause us to fear for our health and our lives.

Of course, if you feel compelled to visit your healthcare practitioner, absolutely do that! And, I also invite you to begin to know yourself as the source of all healing of yourself.

A book I highly recommend is Radical Remission, by Kelly Turner. I found enormous amount of support through this book. It strengthened my capacity to stand in my strength, reach for support when most needed, and continually remember what I know to be true.

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