On the Wings of Desire

Rosie AngelWeaving Heaven and Earth is not just a week-long retreat. It is a way of being, every day of your life.

You may not be able to join us in Bali this year, though you desire it greatly. But that doesn’t mean you cannot create Heaven on Earth for yourself at home.

The intention for this retreat in beautiful Bali is to cultivate an environment within which each participant can truly realize a paradigm shift. It provides an opportunity to focus on ground zero of one’s orientation in life -in essence: are you focused on a heavenly life on Earth; are you taking complete responsibility for every aspect of your life; are you willing to create an environment at home where total immersion in the process of integrating Heaven and Earth is allowed to unfold?

Creating Loving Trust of Oneself

In any deep spiritual work, set and setting are foundational to creating a space within which an individual can feel safe enough that they can let go of what may limit them from going deeply into themselves. The trajectory of one’s journey is important to attend to, however, what is more important is to attend to those limiting beliefs and perceptions that cause hesitation, doubt, procrastination or total avoidance all together of what you truly desire. We all have these limiting beliefs, and we all have the ability to transform our fear-filled life into a life that is fearless. This is the life within which you, yourself trust fully. Can you imagine that?

The Synergy of Weaving Heaven and Earth

The inception of this retreat occurred a few years ago, through conversations with people who have had near death experience, and through my own personal immersion into creating Heaven on Earth. Trusting that this retreat will occur if it is mine to do, I held my intentions with gentle fierceness. It would come in its own Divine Timing if it was in Divine Order.

In the book Oneness by Rasha, a sentence that has become a mantra for me is: "The highest possible results are automatically forthcoming" (page 206). To make sense of this phrase, I added for my self… "If the results that I believe to be the highest possible results are not forthcoming, then I’ve got more work to do, in un-concealing those limiting beliefs that keep me grounded, so to speak, and unable to enjoy the results I desire."

By surrendering control of, well, everything, I’ve come to live in a greater sense of loving trust of myself and the Universe, God, Oneness – whatever name you call it. As I surrender, I often feel like a fledgling – a bird on the edge of its nest, about to leap, with no idea that I have wings, which give me freedom to soar.

The synergy of my desire to manifest this retreat met up with my friend Heather’s desire to host a retreat at her beautiful hotel in Northern Bali. This synergy brought to us Jessica Ruby Hernandez, who is a yoga instructor extraordinaire and so much more! The synergy of the three of us together touches you and many others, who have considered Bali as a travel destination and who desires a life where Heaven on Earth is real and doable!

I’ve witnessed the synergy of intentions and desires take wing in ways I’ve never imagined before – how could I? I’m experiencing the expression of our intentions go out into the world in such breathtaking beauty that I didn’t see as possible – how could I?

I’m touched by the people who have registered for Weaving Heaven and Earth, thinking still that it is unfathomable that my imagined desire to facilitate a retreat such as this would come into fruition. Again – how could I know, having stayed on the edge of my nest for as long as I have, not yet having the courage and the strength to release myself as I’ve never done before? My nest has given me the safe space – the set and setting, to prepare and ready myself for another big adventure. I’ve cultivated loving trust in myself and the world, enough that I’ve taken the leap! I am soaring!!

I have no doubt that by you giving yourself the safe and sacred space to cultivate loving trust of yourself and the world, you too will discover that you have wings that provide you with unlimited freedom and power to soar. At home or in Bali, I’ll be soaring with you!

The synergy of this retreat continues to desire expression. While in Bali, I plan on creating short video blogs – VLOGS, that will share with you some of the highlights of the retreat and themes we are exploring. If you are interested in receiving these VLOGS, let me know! And, of course, to register, click here.

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