Who’s Running My Business? I Don’t Want to Think About it!

Bald businessman wearing glasses with hand on chin making funny face against gray backgroundI’m facilitating a workshop this coming August in Brainerd, Minnesota, called Who’s Running My Business. Sounds like fun, right?

The intention of this workshop is for you – the participant to recognize that what you think isn’t as important as how you think. Huh? I bet you kind of feel like the guy in this photo!

Any business coach, or life coach, worth their weight in salt will focus your coaching sessions on how you make the choices you make – as I like to put it – how you choose to choose what you choose. Again, with the confusion? Of course!

I’ve been teaching, coaching and training people for decades around this topic, and it still rattles my brain to be asking such questions. However to get this one specific principle of good business practices, you will be much better prepared to face every day of decision-making, professionally and personally.

You Are Constantly Choosing What You are Choosing

Decision making is a constant during your waking life. If you sat still for just one minute, you would notice the degree to which you are inundated with thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. In every second, you are juggling priorities – attending to that which appears to be higher and lower on your list of priorities. At the same time, perhaps you question whether your priorities, as they are, actually serve your highest truth, your highest good, and support you being the highest contribution to your career, people you love, and most importantly to you. (I suspect, you might be saying to yourself: "I don’t want to think about this now!"). Keep reading “ it gets worse “ I mean better!

We all want fulfillment of our human-spirit. We love to experience fulfillment on all levels of our being. So the question is… Does the way that you choose to choose what you choose support fulfillment, or does it support something else? Now it starts getting juicy – right?

Robert’s Dilemma

Robert, a client of mine in the Bay Area, works for a high profile Internet Company. Anyone would eat their hat to work for this company. The money is great, the prestige in just saying “I work at____” is way too cool! But, the 80-90 hours a week, the insane deadlines, the lack of respect for employee’s personal time – well it’s crazy. And, it’s taking its toll on Robert health – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Robert is so worn out that he’s either going to have to go on sick leave or quit. This isn’t good for Robert and it isn’t good for the company. So, who’s making the decisions in the company that has great employees have to leave the company? And who’s running the choice-making within Robert that has him work for years under such duress?

Justifications aside: Is this way of being in business sustainable? Is there another way for Robert to consider that how he is living doesn’t provide any fulfillment – aside from the juicy paycheck and the prestige of working at this company? How is Robert choosing to choose to choose, in relation to his personal life, his business life, his finances, his relationships with family and friends? Robert’s response? "I DON"T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!"

Then, Robert admits that his doctor is telling him that what have been just plain indicators of stress are turning into chronic ailments that could be life-threatening if he doesn’t make changes in his work-life. This is rather frightening to consider.

If you find this intriguing, unsettling, and perhaps you recognize yourself in Robert, consider coming to Brainerd for our workshop – Who’s Running My Business August 10-11. It’s on beautiful Gull Lake.

And if you are up for a two-for, I’m also running a workshop just following this one called Deep Recovery, August 13-14. You will be amazed at how many of our business issues are related to recovery issues. I know – you are saying: "I Don’t Want To Think About This Stuff!!!!" I get it!!! I totally get it!

So join all of us who are ready to think about what we don’t want to think about!!

(You Gotta See the Humor in This, Eh?)

Of Course, perhaps you are ready to jump in and hire a business coach. Email me and let’s set up a time to talk about what you are truly wanting and what you are ready to make happen for yourself.

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