What’s the Point of Doing What You Do?

It would be easy for me to begin this with a litany of all the things I’ve done and do, but really, the point is to say that maybe I’m unwittingly doing more than I have to do. Maybe, I’ve not got my focus or intentions aligned yet. It’s like, no matter where I am on my life and spiritual path, there always appears to be something more to work out. Jeesh!

So what’s the point of doing what I’ve been doing? Well, I’ve been writing for over a decade – probably closer to two decades. And most of what I write feels as though it comes from someplace outside myself like it’s downloaded directly from Source and all I have to do is sit down to write it. The podcasts on aging like a guru, those, too, feel as though they come from someplace other than from me. My job is to write, record podcasts, and post these on the web. Simple! Fun! Fulfilling! And, I have ample time for coaching clients and for painting. More fun and fulfillment!

Now What?

Depending on who I listen to, there is a next step, to ensure that people can find me and my publications – the intention being that what I’m sharing will be found by people who are looking for the particular viewpoint and perspective that I offer. They can listen, read, purchase books, and call me for coaching, training, and speaking. Makes sense.

Now What 2.0

Depending on who I listen to, there’s a next step, then a step after that, and a step after that! And all of a sudden – over months, actually, what was simple and easy for decades now feels overwhelming and exhausting. This is what happens to most of us who are wanting to get people to invest in our offerings. It’s just that way!

So I’ve got three books I want to finish, plus begin a blog for our local paper, plus connect with people on the Facebook Group for Aging Like a Guru, plus present a weekly Facebook Live event – Friday’s Feast on Facebook, plus continue creating podcasts. And, I’m supposed to be showing up on Instagram, LinkedIn, and the rest of social media, not to mention get to the laundromat to do my laundry.

This is beginning to not be fun anymore!

In the book Oneness, yes I’m still reading Oneness, it says that what’s important is living in your purest intent. Daily, I question myself, "What is my purest intent?"

Here’s what I know:

The more I push for results of my effort, the less I feel aligned with my purest intent. Deductive reasoning tells me that if this is so, then in order to live in my purest intent, I have to stop pushing and come back to ease and effortless – simplicity!

So my purest intent is to live in simplicity, and to stop pushing for results.

The Dilemma is Now Revealed

"Stop pushing for results" goes against principles of consensus reality. However, to push for results goes against the principles of spiritual reality. The dilemma is now revealed!

I love my life when I’m engaged from the spiritual principle of, "Do what you love, love what you do!" This is when I’m happiest and most fulfilled. And, what gets revealed – even through this writing, is that my purest intent is to live in happiness and fulfillment.

I was thinking last night that, when I die, I don’t want to regret spending time doing what has no joy in it! I want to experience joy in what I do and in who I am. I want to discover ways I haven’t yet imagined to know joy, love, and presence.

What’s Next 3.0

To live in my purest intent requires me to question my reality, my principles, and my level of energy.

It requires me to assess the quality of life that I’m currently experiencing, and to choose differently if it doesn’t feel aligned with my purest intent and my heart’s fulfillment.

It requires patience, compassion, and solitude in order to listen for and know the purity of my intent. Big work, but it feels so much more fun!

What’s Next For You?

This is what I want for you, too, to live in your purest intent! This is what I want you to want for you.

Rather than making life more challenging than it has to be, I invite you to be curious about the purest intent of your being. It truly is a great adventure!

And if you find yourself struggling to find alignment with your own purest intent, I’m here for you, to coach you and guide you back home to yourself.

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