“Unexpected Gifts of Spiritual Immersion” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #175


Unexpected Gifts of Spiritual Immersion

My convictions for maintaining a deep relationship with my spiritual Self continually rewards me in so many unexpected gifts. Not only is my daily life filled with an increasing sprinkle of profound realizations about myself and the Divine unity of all Creation, but I also experience greater degrees of acceptance, compassion, and love for myself and all other beings on the planet.

These were totally unexpected-even though I’ve read about such things! But to directly experience them has opened my heart in capacities I didn’t know existed.

The more I stop the incessant nattering of my brain as it goes on and on with negative assessments and judgments of myself and others, the more I’m able to experience the beauty and the gifts present within myself AND every other being on the planet.

It’s a very simple concept to say yes to. However training myself to let go of my fears and my need to try and control everything, is another matter all together. It’s absolutely worth the commitment.

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