“Trauma is a Big Fat Be-With” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #117


Trauma is a Big Fat Be-With

As you immerse yourself into this process of exploring who you are and how you be you in this human suit, you will inevitably come to experience patterns of being that are sourced in major incidences of life that were horrible, terrible, and traumatizing.

Our birth process is one example of an ordeal where you were at times without oxygen and blood supply. At times we were stuck or stopped by unforeseen forces. No doubt about it, that was traumatizing to you!

Each of us live with memories embedded in our cells of those traumas. You may not remember the specific incidence, as many of them were initiated in past lives and in your ancestral history. But nevertheless, your body remembers. It will experience anxiousness, irritability, or full blown panic attack. And, the you inside this body feels powerless and out of control. When we understand that the source of these responses to trauma are in the very distant past, we can begin to clear out the memories – detoxing our system of these reactions, so that we can live in serenity, tranquility and peace.

Are you up for it?

Some of this spiritual immersion work can be done on your own – it needs to be done on your own. And for some of this trauma work you will want someone to empower you and support you. Don’t hesitate to do some research to find the right person to be there for you!

Listen in and then please share your perspective with me on my Facebook page!

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