The Wisdom of the 2×4

Global Warming, Cancer, Human Trafficking, Wars, yes, even COVID…. Sometimes it’s really difficult to hold the spiritual truth that all of what’s happening in the world is in service to supporting and empowering each and every one of us into higher states of consciousness.

I’ve heard and read this perspective hundreds of times: that we come back over and over again – frequently into the same spirit families, to help those we love to grow themselves consciously. The point of growing ourselves consciously is that it enables us to experience and express greater degrees of love, kindness and generosity.

The Wisdom of the 2×4

You might remember in my 1st book, Self-Empowerment 101, I share that sometimes it takes a giant wake-up call for any one of us to wake up and realize the truth: that you, me, each of us is 100% responsible for our own lives. And, in taking responsibility for our own lives, we begin to consciously choose to act in accordance with our highest truth, our highest good and our highest contribution to the world. Wake-up calls are brought to you by the kindness of Mother Earth, your parents, your partner, your children, your religion, your country, your body and so many more beings, seen and unseen. These experiences are sometimes horrible, horrendous and outrageously scary and painful. Here’s the deal: they are meant to be that in order to get your attention.

. . .

Clarissa, a very good friend of mine, suffers with incredible pain in her joints. It also just so happens that she consumes a large amount of specific foods that are known to exacerbate inflammation, which in turn, exacerbates pain and discomfort, especially in joints. Clarissa continues to ignore the possibility that it’s what she is eating that is causing the pain. And, so, her body deteriorates and will continue to do so until she begins to take responsibility and experiment with changing her diet. In the meantime, her body is giving her not so subtle wake-up calls in service to her willingly choosing to be responsible for all of her life-including how her food choices affect her health. How many 2×4’s will it take, and how bad do they have to get, for Clarissa to wake up and take responsibility? Who knows, but I think it’s safe to say that many of us are just like Clarissa, choosing to ignore our bodies’ wisdom.

The wisdom of the 2×4 can also arrive through the words of a friend, a mentor, a guide, parent or even a child. My friend Sheila shared how, through most of her life, she struggled with not fitting in, feeling insignificant and incompetent in the world. After some time of knowing Sheila, her mentor said to her, "Sheila, you’ve struggled so hard to learn the language of the culture around you. But they don’t speak your language. Your first language is art." Sheila shared that she melted into a pool of bliss as she allowed the felt-sense of the truth spoken by her mentor to seep into her being. This was a joyful wake-up call for Sheila to allow herself to express herself in the world through her first language-art.

Our First Language – Communicating with Mother Earth

So many of us ignore the signposts and neglect responsibility for all the changes that are occurring on this planet. Like Clarissa’s body, Mother Earth shares with us when she isn’t doing well. Some of us ignore the signs and continually act as if there isn’t any problem. Others take it very seriously. And even others of us are hearing the resonance of the Earth and harmonize with her in the eternal language of love.

Whether it is the body of Mother Earth, our own precious body, or any animal or person on the planet, how we treat ourselves and each other reflects the level of consciousness and the level of responsibility we willingly own. And so, if we are not yet conscious of the degree to which we are acting from ignorance and neglect of our first language of being, we will get a wake-up call that could be either subtle or startling-depending on how well we’re listening!

Bottom line is that every thing, every being, every mind, body and spirit is divine and sacred. And we are all here to serve the process of elevating consciousness for each other. We – including Mother Earth, signed up to do what we can to grow awareness of how we be in the world, which is either the extension and expression of love, or the expression of fear of loss and lack.

As a transformational coach, I’m here to serve you – consciously, and in so many ways, unconsciously. You are here to serve me – consciously, and in so many ways, unconsciously. Mother Earth is here to serve us all; so are our pets, our plants, & our computers – all of it.

As parents, friends, children, we want to encourage loving kindness in others. The Earth, I believe, wants the same and has given us her body, as we give our bodies to be utilized for the same – in service to growing wise, loving, and kind beings.

We all die in the end, either having fulfilled our mission or with the acceptance that we did the best we could. Most of us will choose to come back to try again and again and again.

There is so much wisdom, love, and generosity of spirit growing on this planet-yes, even now. So many people are waking up to how they’ve ignored and abused their own bodies and how they’ve ignored or abused others. Little by little, we are waking up! Inevitably, there will be a happy ending. Our own dedication to the process will make it so! Isn’t that great to know?!

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