The Wiggly Squiggly Truth

Here’s what I believe, if your interested…

Creating is one of the most important practices in life. Each individual being is an expression of the Divine energy of LIFE. We are each unique expressions of the Intelligence behind all that is. And, I believe that, our true test in life is to be the fullest expression of our essential nature. And, finally, as part of creation we are creators ourselves—we can’t not be!

Every single client of mine is subjected to at least one short lecture on the importance of creating in their lives. The majority of them respond with “I’m not artistic and I’m not creative. Rosie, don’t subject me to the humiliation of my weaknesses!”

So, even though my heart’s desire is for every individual to know themselves through some form of creative expression—painting, dancing, writing, singing…, so many of us are afraid of the fear of failing. We are so afraid of the fear of failing that we don’t even try. 

I know, with all my heart, how healing it is to participate in some creative practice. However, I’m wasting energy if I’m attempting to convince anyone of this. Inevitably, people will come to know their own way of expressing their essence. It most likely different than what I believe. That’s a good thing!

In attempting to put together a piece like this, I always have to look at my intention for writing what I write. With this piece, my intention is to empower and support myself and you to be aware of how we are creating what we are creating. In so doing, perhaps we can be more conscious in choosing how we create what we create.

So, let me break some of this down a bit.

How do I create? When I’m conscious of how I create, I would say I experience inspiration—I feel moved to do something I’ve never done before. My intuition is telling me to go for it, and at times, I’ve not been able to say no. It often feels as if I’m called. This could be regarding a painting that wants to be painted, a writing that wants to be written, such as this. It could mean huge life choices that had no business being there, such as, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. That’s crazy!!! 

What’s my experience of being in a state of creativity? 

For me, when I’m in a state of creativity, I feel uplifted, inspired, a sense of passion. It feels as thought there is an influence upon me that is beyond my control. There’s no fear in this state of being creative. And, though I may feel challenged to stay in the creative flow, I experience support to stay in the pursuit of what is, while creating

Often times there is a dilemma. My ego-self always pressures me to color within the lines. Don’t do anything that might draw judgement and rejection. This dilemma is something everyone of us face. Do we tow the line and suppress our natural expression of what wants to be seen, heard and experience in the world through us? Or do we risk rejection and ridicule, in service to being our own unique and Divine expression in the world. No individual is outside this question—it’s just a matter of how we each navigate it.

Wiggly Squiggly Truth

So, if its too uncomfortable to engage is some specific creative endeavor, let’s look as other ways that we are creating:

Truth is, worry is a form of creation! Guilting and shaming yourself is also a form of creating. Every choice you make, in truth is a creative endeavor—what clothes you put on, what food you buy, what words you choose throughout your day. Each choice is a choice in service to the question: What do I want to create today for myself, through myself, by myself?

Of course most of this is done unconsciously, but nevertheless we are creating style, substance and circumstances. We are creating our attitudes, moods, our demeanor. 

Sometimes, we bring satisfaction to our lives when we create dis-ease or upset in others by creating judgments and ridicule. When we create lies to cover up stuff, we feel success when we get away with it! We create rationalizations and justifications for doing what we do. We are creating all the time! Truth is, we are never not creating!

For a huge part of my life, I was a master at creating a sense of entitlement, righteousness and martyrdom. I elevated my stories of woe every chance I could into a masterpiece. The stories I told were created and articulated to express a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. It wasn’t until I began to see that my creations weren’t bringing joy and serenity to my life that I began to question my intentions.

What are My Intentions in Creating My Story?

My intention was to acknowledge my poor pathetic life. However, no one bought it. No one ever does. However, it is interesting to note that, in attempting to be “appropriate” to other peoples stories of woe, we are creating a response that we hope will uplift ourselves and others. We each, too often, are play-acting—a form of creation in itself. I find this fascinating!

Choosing to Consciously Create

Harnessing awareness of how you create what you create, is not an easy feat. It’s no different than teaching yourself to draw a straight line. And, to choose to grow awareness of how you create will depend only on the intentions you hold for yourself and your life. For me, I came to desire fulfillment and delight over feeling alone, scared, and a victim. So I began to choose to notice fear-based creating over fun-based creating. 

Do Guilt With a Flourish.

Cultivating conscious awareness of your intentions to create, whatever it is you are wanting to create, supports and empowers you to do it with a flourish. So if you want to judge or guilt someone for who they are or what they do, be conscious of your desire to create bad feeling, and create a sense of superiority. After a while, it gets to be fun and humbling, no doubt! 

Do it with a flourish—why not? Be creative with your whining, complaining, your depression or anger. This doesn’t mean harming or damaging yourself or others. This just brings awareness to your intentions to create. And, in doing so, you have the opportunity to elevate that moment into a masterpiece!

Why Would I Do That?

When we see what we are choosing to create—guilt and shame, righteous entitlement, we can begin to choose to question what we are doing and why we are doing it? When I recognized what I was trying to do by bad mouthing my parents, or anything else I was complaining about, I had to ask myself: What am I getting out of this? And, is what I’m creating getting me peace, harmony, connection, fun and joy? 

I’d Rather Remain Pissed Off

Sometimes, I don’t want to create peace and connection. I’d rather remain pissed off and upset. Sometimes I’m as defiant and anyone else with the idea of change. I retract into old patterns of creating “poor me” scenarios. It’s a form of falling off the wagon. Eventually, I’ll take a look at what I’m creating—not much, and begin to create strength, courage and inspiration to elevate myself back to where I want to be.

Sometimes I don’t feel like it. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes the best I can do is just be cranky, pissed off, and to binge on Netflix. I’ve gotten over creating more bad feelings by guilting myself for not being enough or doing enough. If I can create peace while being cranky, I feel I’m just a little bit ahead of where I’ve been. Not a bad place to be, at all!

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback. 

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