The Rewards of Being the Invitation

I recently attended a teleconference on how to market and sell. The exuberant facilitator provided three pieces of information that made a lot of sense. First “ ensure that your emails and newsletters get to the person you are wanting to target, two “ ensure that your subject line is catchy, so that your intended reader will open your communication, and, three “ you guessed it, write so your audience looks forward to reading what you have to say.

This expert, who has made millions of dollars teaching people how to market and sell, spent the rest of the time (almost an hour) marketing and selling. I felt exhausted listening to this fella sell and not actually delivering the goods. So, he made a lot of money. However, he was doing a lot of "what’s not his to do" in support of getting people to buy his product.

The desire to effortlessly bring an audience into my readership, have them open my newsletters, read my blogs, buy my books and perhaps hire me for coaching “ well I want that, but, during this teleseminar I had to ask myself if this was the right way for me.

I have no doubt this is a truly valuable process for some people. However, I’ve been working with an approach that I trust to be far more compelling. Here’s what you do: Be your most authentic self and people will come!

My belief is that to do what is truly yours to do will bring to you the inherent rewards of deep and engaging relationship, which bring about many gifts and fulfillment. I believe in empowering people to believe in themselves and their offerings, enough that the attraction is effortless. Then, it’s a no-brainer that potential clients will find you and want what you’ve got to offer.

I want people to contact you and work with you, because of the inherent value they sense they will experience through their connection with you; not because of some special offers, bonuses and rewards you offer to entice them into one of your events.

Of course, you have to experience for yourself the inherent value that is ever-present, as you be the fullest expression of your essential nature. For most of us coaches and therapists, or anyone developing a small business, you can count on two to five years of focused presence to what’s your to do, in order to be at full capacity in your practice. And, the sooner you get that its only about you the sooner you will the change you want others to be.

The gift is in the writing of blogs, newsletters and books. I thoroughly enjoy the process, and am always moved by what emerges. The reward arrives when someone comments on my writing “ sharing with me that they were touched by my words. The bonus is when they buy one of my books, hire me as a coach or enroll in my transformational coach training.

Immerse yourself in a full explorative and deeply investigative adventure into what is truly yours do to; relinquish any belief structure or strategy that interfere with your full emergence into the world; and, act according to what you know to be true and nothing else. Of course, being kind and compassionate with yourself through this process is essential too. Settling for any marketing or selling strategy that doesn’t announce the gifts, bonus’s and rewards that are inherent in just knowing you, well, I encourage you to question them before you question yourself.

What’s Cool
An amazing thing! If you google Transformational Coaching, the website comes up as the first on the search! I wrote this article in 2005 and haven’t done a thing to it. Now that’s a Bonus Gift “ and it’s Free! How fun is that!

Three Blogs You Might Find Fun!
Do What You Hate: Doing what I hate to do “ as a practice, exercises brain muscle and cultivates awareness of what I resist, while uncovering the source of that resistance. Its a rewarding practice!

Immersion Before Emergence: As daunting as it sounds, to immerse yourself in a self-study program in spirituality allows a more effortless way of seeing what is perhaps more engaging and less overwhelming. No unnecessary flights to India! Its your everyday Ashram!

We are Safe and Secure in Our Innocence: In our innocence, we are oblivious to the multidimensional reality that has our world be the way it is. We don’t see that the playground we consider to be our reality is safe to explore and discover who we are while growing and expanding ourselves.

Making God Laugh
I’ve been making a lot of plans lately regarding retreats and workshops. Yep, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. So, things have changed a bit, and here’s what’s new:

Dilemmas of Being in Business is closer than ever to being published. I’ll let you know asap! Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait, head over to and you’ll find the Dilemmas in Articles form for you to peruse.

We had to cancel the Boulder Retreat, however there are new possibilities on the horizon in Omaha, New York, California and in Colorado. I’m also planning another Wonderful Women’s Retreat on Orcas this summer. I’ll keep you posted with dates as they get set. And I’d love to hear from you if you would like to bring me to your region for a training, workshop or retreat!

California Here I Come
I’ll be visiting the Bay area in May. May 16th I’ll be speaking at Sofia University (ITP) and will be doing a Book Signing at East West Bookstore, in Mountain View on Tuesday May 22. The topics will focus on the dilemmas of being in business and more. I’ll also be facilitating a weekend Transformational Coach Training in Woodside, CA, May 18-19th. I’ll provide more information for all of these events in my next newsletter.

Transformational Coaching Training
The six week teleconference training called: Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice has been resoundingly successful. With students from Moscow, Virginia, Colorado, Washington, California and Oregon, well it’s a very cool group of people.

Because people are wanting more access to transformational coach training, I’ll be facilitating another coach training beginning April 16th. It will be another six-week teleconference training focused on expanding the bandwidth of ability and capacity of individuals who already support people on the edge of their transcendent process. The Course is In service to bringing the highest possible contribution to our clients. It examines the outer reaches of our humanity and expands our coaching skills and practices. This deepens our listening as thinking partners to encompass the full-spectrum of wisdom that we know ourselves, and our clients to be. We will be cultivating a knowledge base from which to fully understand how we generate our current circumstances, how our emotional response mechanisms draw specific life experiences to us, the symptoms of this process, which often slow or stop the momentum, and how to empower our clients to manifest the results they are truly desiring. More than half of our time together focuses on actual client work of the participants. Fee is $390. The maximum number of participant is 10. For more information, or to register, please contact me at, or call me at 360-376-4323.

A couple of movies I highly recommend: Obselidia, and The Human Experience. Both are on Netflix and both won big awards at Sundance. Amazing!

I’d love it if you’d share this with others who you think might find value in this blog. And, of course LIKE IT, if you do, so others can see what is important to you.

Who is Dr. Rosie? Dr. Rosie Kuhn is a preeminent thought leader in the field of Transformational Coaching and Leadership Development. She is available for Speaking Engagements, Coaching Sessions for Individuals, Organizations and Executives, as well as Trainings. Her books can be found at And, be sure to check out many of her other blogs as

A course in Self-Empowerment is available at

And, as always I’m here to empower you into your fullest expression of your essential self. A coaching session is just a phone call away. 360-376-4323.


As always I send you blessings and hugs,

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