“The Pragmatics of Spiritual Immersion Practices” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #107


Many people think that there is no purpose in devoting themselves to a spiritual path. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A spiritual practice is highly pragmatic. It empowers every individual to look at what they believe to be their highest purpose and intention, and to then take the steps in that direction. In doing so they find greater fulfillment and prosperity. It’s a paradigm shift, indeed.

Putting a stake in the ground for which paradigm, which line of thinking will bring you to your highest truth and your highest expression of your Self is what we are here to do. You get to decide which path empowers you and brings you to fulfillment, without fear.

We are trained to be motivated by fear. Fear of losing, fear of failing, fear of betrayal and abandonment, just to name a few. Our cellular memory has us on autopilot to be afraid of just about everything and everyone – to one degree or another. Cultivating awareness of our motives, the source of those motives is an essential practice in bringing about a life that is in alignment with our spiritual truths.

Motives arise from decisions we’ve made, usually when we are little children, or in past lives. Somehow we come to decide that it isn’t enough to just be me. I have to be more – to prove my worth, to earn my keep, to bring value to other people’s lives. Now is the time to look at the choices we’ve made in the past and perhaps choose differently.

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