So That’s How God Works

Life of Pi is an extraordinary movie. It takes you on a phenomenal adventure, which includes a tiger. At the end of that story, Pi provides a second adventure to consider, one that is more realistic, rational and logical “ the way his father wanted him to think. Then Pi asks his audience: "Which story do you prefer." The listener responds with "I like the story about the tiger best. And, Pi, confident in his knowing and truth, responds "That’s how God Works!"

When the movie was over, I was saddened that we were brought to possibility that perhaps Pi was delusional, due to the traumatic events he survived, so he constructed a story about the tiger, and that none of it happened. And, the audience is left to decide for themselves which story they believe to be real. I didn’t want to have to think!

Each of us, who watched the movie, have to answer the question for ourselves. Which story do we prefer “ the fantastical one that is out of this world or the logical, rational explanation?

I’ve been studying David Hawkins’ work. He provides an extraordinary description of life in the state of presence and the reality that is beyond logical/rational, dual and Newtonian reality. He talks about the potentiality that is, and that because we are oneness and the totality of what is, we have access to potentiality of the Universe “ we are the potentiality of the Universe. When we understand and accept this as reality and truth then we understand that this is how God works. In that the most outrageous phenomenon is possible because the universe is only potentiality. Our limited egoic thinking limits potentiality with logical, rational reasoning.

“In reality, nothing is causing anything else. Everything is the expression of its own essence and self-existence. Its appearance is dependent on everything else in the universe and the point of view from which it is observed. Everything is actually self-existence in its reality because everything is part of All That Is and has no individual parts, separateness, or independent existence.

In as much as it is not separate from everything else, its existence as it is requires no external cause. That which appears as manifest arises directly out of the unmanifest by the process of creation. It does not arise as an effect of something else. There is no ‘else,’ and only in duality does it seem to require an explanation, such as causality, to explain what appears to be separate events. Actually, there are no separate events, no separate things, and no happenings to be explained.” (David Hawkins, 2001, The Eye of the I, p. 110.).

By explaining this perspective, regarding Pi’s story, to my friend Cal, who was confused by the ending, something clicked in me and I realized the degree to which I was actualizing the truth of the life of Pi.

This is how God works and I’m actually getting IT!

The more I let go of any attachments to my position, my thoughts and beliefs based on logical and rational reasoning the more I evolve myself vibrationally and my resonance with truth becomes more harmonic. More and more often I experience the truth that I lack nothing in this moment. "Lack implies that you would be better off in a state somehow different from the one you are in."(A Course in Miracles, 1985)

Its making sense to me that we can’t just use certain tricks or learn the secret. We wonder why certain spiritual do-dads and rituals work for some and why they don’t work for others. It can’t be a trick! It can’t be a trying. It can only be a practice of living into "I lack nothing in this moment," and "nothing needs to be different." The more true this becomes for each of us, the more the Universal Source of All that Is “ ME “ begins to unfold in alignment with this TRUTH.

For the majority of my adult life, I worried and wondered where my clients would come from, where the money would come from, where love and friendship would come from. Over the course of the past few years I’ve been in a practice of discerning truth from falsehood. I’ve practiced truly living into what I say is true. I’ve experienced nothing more challenging than being in integrity with myself. Can you believe that?

There have been many who’ve walked this path before me and I practiced faith that their experience, which is explained as Universal, would be the same for me. So, I just keep letting go of worries and fears. Its brought me to a place that none of this really matters; its brought me to doing what I do now because I’m inspired to, or because it’s in alignment with my commitment to live in truth, not fear. I’ve stopped thinking about potential clients calling and surrendered my will to my higher power. And, low and behold, new clients are showing up and new opportunities to speak and do my work shows up, too “ effortlessly!

Oneness (2003) says something like: The Highest Vibrational Results are always forthcoming. I used to be frustrated because nothing seemed to change. I realize now that conscious evolution wasn’t taking place as long as I was holding on to a position that limited potentiality. I’m now experiencing the evidence of this statement made by Oneness. There’s no magic, no tricks of the trade, no secrets to uncover “ just truth. Okay “ now it’s getting fun!

David Hawkins talks about the evolution toward Self, and I see that I/we have to evolve to a different level of consciousness “ our whole being, in order for the desired results to actually come into manifestation. I use to say that with a good degree of trust. Now, I’m getting it through experience.

Each of us, on a daily basis, has to choose which story we like best “ which story we want to live into. If you want to experience the full potentiality of your being choose to release beliefs that limit that potential. One belief at a time “ no more than that, and you’ll actualize the most phenomenal life imaginable. That’s how God works!

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