Sitting in the Extraordinariness of Someone Else’s Dream

Last night I watched the movie Spirited, with Will Ferrel, Ryan Reynolds and so many great actors—and with a huge cast (Written and produced by Sean Anders and John Morris. It’s on AppleTV). WOW!!

The wow for me is that this incredibly complex modern Christmas story, is based on Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.” However, the extraordinariness of, well, everything about this movie, silences my mind. In my heart I sit in that moment when one person said to himself, “Hey! I got an idea!!!”

Whether its the Wright brothers or Anders and Morris, the moment inspiration is sparked is a wonder within every single one of us! What we do with that spark is such an amazing experience, regardless of the outcome! How lucky we are to experience that igniting of possibility!!!

Grow it, Kill it or Let it Die

I once knew a very wealthy guy. He was an investor. I overheard him talking one day to his brother, in a very casual conversation. He said something like, “When I’m considering investing money in someone, I’m listening for outlandish and unconventional ideas. That’s where I put my money.”

At the time, over two decades ago, I couldn’t comprehend that element of wisdom. That kind of thinking was beyond the paradigm of my consensus view of reality. Now, I cultivate and empower the outlandish and unconventional within each and every individual I work with. Sparks of genius, inspirations and revelations, are not gifts reserved for those with degrees, wealth and power. That spark is, for me, the burst of the tenacious and unrelenting expression of the Divine Essence that is, and exists within each and every one of us. It’s how we tender that spark, growing it into something wonder-full. Or, its how we kill it, drowning the embers of our heart’s natural ability to create wonder and miracles. I witness that ability within each of my clients. I’m in awe of our capacity to dream, and our capacity to kill those dreams. 

Killing Our Dreams Takes As Much Intention As Growing Them

For me, this morning, I imagine what it was like for the individual who had the idea to create this movie, which seemed so far fetched and over the top, yet didn’t let it die. He didn’t kill it with judgments of how ridiculous, expensive and outlandish it was. He didn’t let it die under the stack of someone else’s agenda’s, opinions and judgments. He grew that spark into extraordinariness. And, I got to experience the awesome results of that individual’s willingness to bring his dream into manifestation. 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The actor, Zach Ephron has a series on Netflix, called “Down to Earth.” Part of what is revealed through his exploration and adventures is a desire to bring healing to the planet. People in the most remote parts of the world are inspired to uncover and create ridiculously amazing and untenable ways to change what seems impossible. These are everyday people who are asking the question, “What if?” Then, experimenting, figuring it out through trial and error. Low and behold, the impossible and unbelievable are being invented, repurposed and generated. The mindset of impossible, doom and apocalyptic, is challenged and, in my mind, defeated. Because people are listening to their intuition—those sparks of genius, and generating momentum to serve that spark. It ignites hope, wonder and delight.

I sit with my own inspirations. I sit with my unwitting ability to kill those inspirations before they come into thought. I sit with all of the “Yes, buts, that drown out the slightest possibility of wonder to manifest. I see it in me as easily as I see it in my clients. Its fascinating and a wonder to behold.

As best as I can, I live by inspiration. For instance, I write what I’m inspired to write, like what you are reading here. 

Living by inspiration, for me is kind of like surfing. Not all waves of inspiration carry me to completing the ride—finishing a book or blog. The upswell emerges, which uplifts my spirit. But sometimes, the harmony or union or engagement is aborted. I don’t know why. It’s like the life of that inspiration lived itself to that extent and then it was done. If I catch that upswell, like, in this piece, and I stay with the energy of what is, I can feel into the nuances, balancing ideas to the completion. I constantly have to balance the true flow of that wave with my ego’s desire to finish, complete, produce. I listen for what wants to come onto the page. I’m just the conduit for the expression of Divine, wanting to be seen, heard and gotten.

For me, inspiration has brought about 15 books, two podcasts, and hundreds of blogs and articles. It’s brought about retreats in Russia, Bali and the US. Its brought about a change in health and well-being. Inspiration took me to live in Nova Scotia, to sail on a 93ft schooner for two years. It took me to Palo Alto to complete a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Inspiration brought me to Orcas Island, and to a deep devotion to inspire anyone and everyone to listen for those moments of ignition! “Hey! I got an idea!!!”

Generally we focus too much on the tangibility of a thought or idea. The true focus, for me, more so than ever before, is on the experience itself of being, while being inspired. Truly, this is the feeling we all want to live in. As a client shared with me, just the other day, “Its when I feel most myself, most connected and engaged with the flow of the life. I want to know myself in this space, now, as much as I can!”

Wonders never cease.

Spirited was written and produced by Sean Anders and John Morris.

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback. 

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