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After a long, dark and damp winter in the Pacific Northwest, it is truly a wonder to witness the coming of blossoming and burgeoning growth. Not just in nature, but in me too!

I’ve spent the past nine winters in the Bay Area of California, where to a large extent, I was disconnected from the natural unfolding of nature. I hid away in the comfort of the Mountain View condo to avoid the inner turmoil when bombarded by the noise and confusion of well-designed urban space.

The grace of the rain and dark days of this past winter on the Island allowed a required rest to take place. I wouldn’t call it hibernation, so much as a time to focus on a refined sense of purpose, as well as a refined sense of self.

In the past few days of sunny spring-like weather, I’ve experienced a very subtle phenomenon of the expansion of energy. It’s a very different sensation than I’ve ever experienced before. Surge isn’t the right word; it’s more of an upwelling or a swell. It’s almost elusive, yet yummy. I have to stop the incessant doing and create a quiet calm within to experience such a simple presence and unfathomable depth of being. This would be an almost impossible undertaking among urban life back in California. Its challenging enough here on Orcas. For, even within the briefest resonance of connection with the vibratory nature of Mother Earth, I have had to concentrate on a sensation that I not even sure existed. It was exquisite.

Clearing the debris of winter included a haircut. No one expected it, but I knew it was coming. I’d been considering it for a couple of years, but wanted to be sure I was doing it for the right reasons.
When I turned 60, a year ago, now, I rejected the idea of cutting my hair, because, in my mind, it’s what women do when they turn 60. In August, when I came close to saying yes, but said no, my reasoning was that it was too close to the dissolving of my marriage, and a lot of women cut their hair after a divorce. I didn’t want these to be the defining reasons for such a dramatic decision.
I had a lot tied up in my long hair: Tangled identities of femininity, beauty, age and attractiveness. Would I look heavier, wrinkly, older? As I’ve been cutting away the attachments to beliefs and perceptions that no longer were true for me, I had to choose to cut loose the notion that I’d be any different than me without my hair.

When people ask why I cut my hair, I say "it wanted to be cut." That may sound strange, but that’s the truth.

Emergence of new energy expresses itself in its organic and natural form, always. Even in a haircut! Why would I argue with nature? I have to say, though that I’m still shocked when I look in the mirror. The me, underneath this haircut, is still struggling with her identity, while witnessing how it and me are finding our own expression.

In this moment, as I stand among all the transformational beauty that nature brings to itself at this time of year, I’m more intent on sensing into this process within myself. Every being in the Universe knows how to come into its fullest expression of its essential nature. I’m no exception to the rule “ none of us are. We do, however have to get out of our own way by minimizing the noise and distractions around us. It’s something to consider, anyway. Exquisite beauty is only experienced in the now. Why waste a second?

Finally!!! Dilemmas of Being in Business is Now a Book!
I knew the day would finally come when I could share this news with you that Dilemmas is now a real book. The publishing process actually took longer than the writing (You’ll hear that from a lot of authors.), but like everything “ and I do mean everything, there is a magical unfolding that takes the time it takes, and nothing will make it any different “ no matter what!

After all of this time, you might be wondering this book is about. Well …
Dilemmas of Being in Business is about extraordinary people meeting ordinarychallenges, being stumped and stymied by them, just like us "ordinary folk." The difference is that when the people in these stories are stumped, they willingly explore the edge of reason, with the support of their coach – me. In each dilemma that surfaces, they choose to face their personal demons. They allow themselves to see things differently in order to have their desired intentions fully realized. It isn’t that they are fearless and courageous beyond measure; it’s that their commitment to, and belief in themselves and their envisioned life outweighs their fear. Good stories and good tools to work with dilemmas “ yours and others.
You can find ebooks at, and hard copies will be available at Amazon very soon.

Transformational Coaching Training
The six week teleconference training called: Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice has been resoundingly successful. With students from Moscow, Virginia, Colorado, Washington, California and Oregon, well it’s a very cool group of people.

Because people are wanting more access to transformational coach training, I’ll be facilitating another coach training beginning April 16th. It will be a six-weekteleconference training, focused on expanding the bandwidth of ability and capacity of individuals who support people on the edge of their transcendent process. The Course is in service to bringing the highest possible contribution to our clients. We examine the outer reaches of our humanity and expand our coaching skills and practices. This deepens our listening as thinking partners to encompass the full-spectrum of wisdom that we know ourselves, and our clients to be.

You’ll be cultivating a knowledge base from which to fully understand how we generate our current circumstances, how our emotional response mechanisms draw specific life experiences to us, the symptoms of this process, which often slow or stop the momentum, and how to empower our clients to manifest the results they are truly desiring. More than half of our time together focuses on actual client work of the participants. Fee is $390. The maximum number of participant is 10. For more information, or to register, please contact me at, or call me at 360-376-4323.

California Here I Come
May 16th I’ll be speaking at Sofia University (ITP) and will be doing a Book Signing at East West Bookstore, in Mountain View on Tuesday May 22. The topics will focus on the dilemmas of being in business and more. There are a few more exciting possibilities budding, and I look forward to sharing this news with you in the next newsletter

Orcas Island Wonderful Women’s Retreat: July 11th-14th
Women from all over North America have participated in these Wonderful Women’s Retreats. Hopefully you can make it this year for a four day weekend at Eagle’s Heart Sanctuary. The fee is $385.00. This includes camping (tents and sleeping bags available), breakfast and lunch and communal meals, a vision quest (No dangerous or scary creatures, and no poisonous anything to worry about.) campfires, drumming, dancing, deep conversations with Mother Nature, hiking, swimming and more. Limited space, so book your spot!

The Red Tent: August 16th – 18th
Jessica Ruby Hernandez will be facilitating a second women’s retreat on Orcas at Eagle’s Heart Sanctuary. Dance with Nature; yoga, meditation; wisdom talks, solitude, laughter and love. The fee is $380.00. Includes Camping (tents and sleeping bags available), breakfast and lunch and communal meals. Limited space, so book your spot! More information to come soon!

Recent Blogs:
Many of you may not have access to these blogs, so I thought I’d provide you with the links.

Need I be different?
As humans, we continuously face a barrage of thoughts that suggest that who we are in this moment, and what we are doing now, may not be what we should be doing. We always have options to choose differently, to be different, and to do things differently. How do we decide if we need be different?

We want to Transform. We just don’t want to Change
Change takes conscious choice. Change takes intentional focus, commitment, discipline. Change often feels as though you are suffering and that it isn’t worth the pain, agony and grief that you are enduring. This is when we begin screaming for the sweet taste of transformation.

When is an Act of Love not an Act of Love?
Who is being loved when you let go of control? It can feel like a cutting edge between love and control. It takes discernment to realize when my enforcing control is an act of kindness and when its just me exerting righteousness.

My intention is to empower you to bring your fullest expression into the world. It you imagine anyway that our working together will bring this about, contact me, and let’s see what we can work out!

As always I send you blessings and hugs,

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