“Rewards that Come with a Practice of Spiritual Immersion” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #116


Rewards that Come with a Practice of Spiritual Immersion

There are plenty of rewards that you will experience through your spiritual immersion process. By sticking with it you’ll have experiences that you may have heard of but never imagined would happen for you.

Everyone of us is unique. Every one of us is here to learn something for ourselves that others may not have to learn. How we go about learning and integrating the learning is highly personal. So, one reward is learning to value yourself on your journey.

The cultivating of freedom from fear, despair and belief that you are a victim, is a wonderful reward. It’s an ever expanding process feeling more free, over and over again.

The reward of living in the knowing that you are safe and that you can trust that the Divine Universe / God is alway embracing you with love is beyond what I ever imagined I would experience.

You will have other rewards. These are just a few of mine that I’m sharing!

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