Resonance is the Sweet Spot of Living Gracefully

What are you listening for? Where are you listening From?

For those of you reading this or any of my previous offerings, I suspect that you were attracted to something that resonates with you. Something engages your curious mind. Something that engages a knowing, a familiarity, a resonance with a part of you that is looking for confirmation, looking for connection, that knows of your inner guru, or perhaps desires to experience collaboration, union, and harmony as much with another as with yourself.

The intention of my offerings is to deepen the listening that occurs within you, so that you more willingly tune into your own personal guru channel.

Each of us has a listening for something. We tune in to music channels and people-talking channels because we are looking to sit for a few moments in the resonance of a familiar tone, a familiar languaging, a familiar message. When we tune into a channel to learn something new, quite often, unless what is being taught resonates with you on some level, you won’t take that specific learning on as yours.

It’s a funny thing that throughout our childhood we are taught that learning occurs only in the brain. The truth is, and I learned this only while working on my 3rd Master’s Degree and a Ph.D., that only when we’ve had a direct experience – a resonance with what is being taught, can we truly integrate that information into our system. Direct experience occurs within our bodies, through our bodies, through a knowing that resides in every cell, at the metaphysical level of life.

The Learning Pyramid reflects studies that show that you will generally retain only 5% from what you are listening to, and only 10% of what you read. Here’s the deal: we retain 75% of what we learn by practicing and doing, and we retain 90% by teaching others. 

I think this is really great information, because it reflects a truth not only about how we learn in an educational environment, but also how we learn to be in life too! We have certain patterns we follow and resonate with, and that’s how we do life.

My friend David Bennett wrote a book called Voyage of Purpose. In Voyage of Purpose David wrote about his near-death experiences and the learning and practice that evolved because of these experiences. I go back to David’s book over and over again because so much of what he is saying resonates with me. His relaxed story-telling style of writing invites me into his life. The story that he tells engages my desire to have a vicarious experience of what he is sharing. I don’t want to have the near-death experience, but I do long for the level of light and love that he experienced, and for the learning that occurred for him. Furthermore, his teachings inspire me to engage a greater degree of devotion and dedication to my relationship with my spirit-self, my inner guru.

As I wisen up and listen to my inner guru, I choose more carefully who I hang out with in all areas of my life. If the resonance doesn’t jive with my well-being, I’ll pick up and head to a more peaceful place, or a place that allows me to experience me being myself.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this to acknowledge – as much for myself as for you, that you are listening for a resonance of being that allows you to feel into yourself, into your truest nature. You are listening for a resonance of truth – not my truth, but a truth that rings true for you. You are listening for an experience that creates an Ah-Ha moment, within which you find yourself breathing more deeply than you have for a while.

As you listen for something that resonates for you, you are also listening from a place in you that desires recognition, confirmation, and a clarity of knowing that wishes to yell out, “HELL YES! I Knew That All Along!!!”

As we go forward, one foot in front of the other, progressing through this human process called LIFE, we have the opportunity to listen for and look for the resonance of that “Hell Yes.” We have a gazillion opportunities to practice living into every moment as a “Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!!!”.  That place within us, the place from which we listen, delights when we experience the resonance of our personal truth. It is a wonderful moment of harmony and union.

Now, I know that you may not stick around for more of these offerings if there isn’t a resonance. My words may not match what rings true for you. Your “Hell Yes” may reside somewhere else. That’s a good thing to know! I only ask that you keep being open to what you are listening for.

The best part about continuing to be alive and live more consciously, is that I can declare for myself what is true for me, much more often than I used to. And, I no longer defer to anyone else what I know to be true! I want that for everyone. It’s the best feeling in the world!

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback. 


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