Question Reality – Who Me?

This is not about Network Marketing… what the??? …No, I’m not selling anything-promise!

My intention in sharing this blog is to invite you to question your cultural norms – not only regarding business models, but all models of reality that we believe are the “only” models of reality. Just for 5 minutes…ready?….Here we go!


80% Are Unhappy in Their Jobs

As a coach I hear quite often that my clients aspire to do what other people are doing, for either the money, the prestige, or the power others seemingly have and my clients want. Life would surely be better if I was doing _____ instead… Of course, they don’t take into consideration that 80% of those people hate their jobs or aren’t happy for a good portion of the time that they are working. As my seven year old grandson Andrew would say: "What The ?????"

I find it fascinating that so many people live the majority of their day hating what they do and wishing they could do what they love to do instead. No wonder therapists are busier than ever with people who are depressed and unhappy. No wonder there is more disease and health care issues stemming from the workplace. No wonder addictions are rampant, not only in food & substances, but also in gambling, debting, pornography, etc. People are trying to deny, ignore, avoid and distract themselves from the restless, irritable, discontent that they live with Every. Day. Of. Their. Lives… Um…. It’s not working!!!


10 More, 5 More, 3 More…

I can’t tell you the number of people who admit to being unsatisfied in their work, yet believe there is no way out! "I only have 5 more years before I can start receiving a pension check. I can stick it out." The person that said this got throat cancer, and ended up taking early retirement. Now he regrets having postponed living his passion for so long.


Living the American Dream

Especially in the US, but also in pretty much every other first world country, we are driven and inspired by chasing the “American Dream,” an ideal life that we should all aspire to live. At the same time, we are told we can’t make money doing what we love, and are chastised for thinking we can have the life we dream of. This doesn’t add up! I hear Andrew again: "What The ????"


Isn’t it Logical to Hustle?

A client of mine named Mandy ran into a stumbling block as she shared her ‘truth” about reality as she saw it: It isn’t okay for her to have the freedom, fun and flexibility she craves if she is to make the money and have the lifestyle she dreams of. "Millionaires say you have to HUSTLE to be able to have what you want. It’s the logical way of making it big. There’s no room for ease in my life if I want to be a millionaire."

My response to Mandy was this: "Does hustle give you love and deep relationships?" Mandy said, “No.” "Does hustle give you positive health and well-being?" Mandy said, “No.” "Does hustle give you freedom and time to enjoy being with people you love?" Mandy said, “No.” "Does hustle give you time to be doing the things you love to do?" Mandy said, “No.”

I finished my little diatribe by asking: "Where is the logic in Hustle? Unless you are passionate and love, love, love, what you are hustling for, you will most likely end up sick, alone, and unhappy, and maybe a millionaire." Mandy was silent.

We live in a crazy paradigm with contradictions all over the place. Why is it that it doesn’t occur to us to question reality? Why are so many of us like Mandy, who believes it is logical to hustle (ie: suffer, settle, deny oneself of what you want to do to chase the dollar bills), even when research and statistics say that to hustle alone won’t work?


I’m a Covert Fairy Godmother

Part of my practice as a transformational coach is to act as if I’m a Fairy Godmother (I am a Fairy Godmother, but our current paradigm for life doesn’t allow me to admit that!). When I’m acting as if I’m a Fairy Godmother, I wave my magic wand – yes, I have a magic wand, and I ask my client: "By waving my magic wand, I empower you to have exactly what you want. What is it that you want?"

In that moment, the energy shifts from tension and angst to relaxation and relief. There is a big sigh and the client unburdens themselves of their shoulds and shouldn’ts, if only for a moment. In that moment they know who they are and they know how they want to be in their lives. It is a moment that will carry them into discovering all the ways they limit themselves from living in the truth of who they know themselves to be – the fullest expression of their essential Self. I love these moments!

My job, whether it is through writing, coaching, speaking, and being a Fairy Godmother – in other words, doing what I love, is to invite you to have the most magnificent life imaginable. If I can do it, there is no reason you can’t do it along with me.

What’s the point of hating your life? I’d love it if you would actually answer that question! I have no doubt that like Mandy, you have a very logical reason for hating your life, and I want to hear it!!

FOR ACTION: make it social by commenting here on my blog or on the Facebook post for this article. Let’s start a conversation about how we justify living a life we hate. Perhaps we’ll spark some transformation!

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