Parent Like a Guru: How Do I Know I’m On the Right Path as a Parent?

Quite often, when a potential client calls me to make an appointment for a coaching session, they ask: “How do I know that this is going to work? How do I know that this is the right thing for me?” The bottom line is that you don’t know, and you won’t know until you begin to engage personally and directly with the practice of consciously evolving yourself as a person and as a parent.

What does it require to evolve consciously?

1-Parent-Like-a-Guru-CoverEvolving consciously requires a degree of discipline, presence, and mindfulness to your thinking, to the thoughts you think, and to the outcome you are really wanting for yourself, and, in this case, for your children and grandchildren.

One of the intentions of the book, the video blogs series, and these blogs regarding, Parent Like a Guru, is to keep the level of commitment pretty low. It is a matter of thinking about something, or doing something infinitely small every day or so; so, if you find that this isn’t the right path you won’t have invested much. And, if you find that some of it resonates, and you want to actually practice some of what is suggested to a greater degree, then that would just be in alignment with what you want. Incrementally, you will explore and discover your unique way of approaching parenting as a spiritual practice.

One more cool thing is that, just by reading this material, you get an opportunity to notice the thoughts inside your head – the ones that let you know what you really do think and believe. You might have a different experience or perspective than what I’m sharing. So, as you attend to what is here, you can also hear what might feel scary, what might feel totally untrue for you, what might feel right on target, and what might feel fun and inspiring. As you listen to the thoughts in your head you will begin to know yourself better. You get to decide to think what you think, while you feel what you feel. If nothing else, this is a really good thing, no matter which path you take!

What’s really true here, is that, it isn’t what I say that is important here. What is important is what you hear yourself say in response to my words and my thoughts. You have an inner guru that has a lot to share with you. My desire is that these words will stimulate a dialog within yourself, creating a wonderful relationship that evolves you and your parenting practice.

Just for today, listen for that question: “How do I know this is the right path for me?” and listen to all of the thoughts that may have you think about avoiding the whole subject and going back to what you feel comfortable with. See if you can stretch yourself just a tiny bit to stay curious about what is possible, even when you don’t know the outcome. This is how transformation occurs. This is how we create a world where every child’s spirit soar.

If these blogs interest you, you might check out Cultivating Spirituality in Children: 101 Ways to Make Every Child’s Spirit Soar.

As a Transformational Coach, I am here to support and empower you to step into your truth with faith and trust that you will land in a fascinating place, glad that you took the risk. Please let me know how I can support you through your adventure. Email me at

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