My Job Is To Let You Know That I Know That You Know!

One of the principles that separate transformational coaches from other coaches is that they know that their clients already know what they need to know. Huh?

As transformational coaches, we trust, respect and honor our clients’ experience, wisdom and intuition. They truly know what they want; what’s in the way of having what they want; what needs to shift so that they can receive what they want; and what they need to practice to make it so. We, as transformational coaches just have to ask the right questions and listen, listen, listen for the wisdom that is inherent within each individual.

It’s There!
Your clients may not believe and trust that they know, but they do. And most of us, who are coaches, have been trained to believe that somehow, we know better than our clients. We don’t!

Cultivating a listening for how your clients already are in alignment with what it is they are wanting, points to the matter of fact-ness of their capabilities and experiencing of what needs to be in order to manifest what they want.  It’s there! You just have to know that it’s there. And they have to know that you know. Then they will start to see, hear and act in alignment with that knowing!

I will tell you that coaching from this perspective brings more fun and joy to my work. Seeing the brilliance, the wisdom and truth that resides in my clients, always and everywhere, requires me to shift how I see and how I listen. I bring all my senses into to play. There’s no seeking or searching, because my clients’ wisdom is as plain as day. I just have to let go of what gets in the way of knowing this!

Group Coach Trainings Have Grown Me!
For over a year, I’ve been meeting with a group of committed coaches, passionately engaged in growing themselves in order to grow their capacities to grow their clients. Their level of presence and curiosity stretches me, sometimes into uncomfortable places. Just as with clients, all of us are growing together. As they grow, I grow. As I grow, they grow. If this isn’t happening, they will need to leave and find other avenues of growth. This is true for every relationship—not just clients. Just sayin’.

So, keep growing your capacity to know that your clients know. And, let them know you know that they know. Tell them what you see, hear and sense about their brilliance, wisdom and passionate desire to be the expression of their essential nature! Take every opportunity to acknowledge the truth of their magnificence! It’s there!!!

And, if you are a parent, a partner, a friend, a business owner or employee—anywhere and everywhere, take the opportunity to see the brilliance of the individual in your presence. They are exquisite. They just need to know that you know that they know!!!

I’m sending you tons of love and blessings. And, just know that I know that you know!!!

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