It’s seems that no matter how much I think I understand humanness there’s always something or someone that stretches me out of my momentary comfort in believing I’ve arrived.

Sometimes I get set off into a world where I presume to know better about how people should be so the world is a better place for all. I think of myself as a master in various arenas of humanness, yet find, time and again that as soon as I think I’ve mastered an aspect of this event called life, I’m brought to the realization that I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

Love is one area of life that never stops taunting me. Yes, taunting. Within the context of family, relationships, connections, my life continually erupts with circumstances that challenge me to explore deeply where I’m not allowing myself a greater capacity to love. Just when I think I’ve got it and can say "I’m right and now it’s the other guy’s turn to figure out this love stuff." Well, as much as I desire to say that; it will never, ever be that way. Because, it’s never about you or them “ it’s always about me! As long as I have a position to defend or any righteousness whatsoever, I’ll be setting myself up for being vulnerable to some teaching from an obscure well-spring of wisdom, which requires me to see things differently.

For example: Children are their parents’ best teachers, and parents are their children’s best teacher, mostly in the fields of love and acceptance. We each grind away at the others’ facades and pretensions, attitudes and behaviors. We desperately want authentic connection, yet rarely do we seek the source of discontent and disconnection that lives within. "Oh, you mean that it’s me that’s withholding?; it’s me that’s unwilling to accept and allow what is?; I’m the one who isn’t willing to stand in your shoes?" Instead, my righteous self declares, "I’m owed compassion!" I’m owed compassion? Really? With that attitude I’ll never be open to seeing things differently?

The Blossoming of Truth
Self-reflection leads to self-realization, which hopefully leads to self-actualization “ taking action on behalf of one’s own truth “ the truth that reveals itself in this moment. It never ceases to amaze me, how truth, in this moment, shifts and morphs into some greater degree of truth in the next. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer say "Eureka! I’ve found the truth," because this too shall transmute into its more pure and essential form. I have no control over the who’s, how’s, or what’s that act as the catalysts for the next reorientation. What I can tell you is that as the paradigm shifts, an unending unfoldment of experiences delight and amaze me, though they may be hugely uncomfortable. More and more often I’m grateful for the way that it is.

Speaking of the paradigm shifts; So much has Changed Since the Last Time I Wrote to You.
Both websites “ the ( and ( , my logo and my taglines, have all transformed. All have a life of their own and each unfolded effortlessly. I truly couldn’t have done it without the support of Kim Harris, who tamed the content and developed a framework for better search engine optimization SEO on both websites, Maureen O’Neill graphic artist, who designed the logo, plus the book covers for upcoming books, and Armando Nunes, who’s an amazing webguy. Each brought their passion, love and creativity to these projects. You’ll find blogs (Read Now) far easier to source and my books (Read Later) are all in one place. Take a look and let me know what you think!

This newsletter was to announce the birth of my latest book “ Dilemmas of Being in Business, but, as is true for many creative endeavors, this too has a life of its own. I’m still in labor with this one and will announce its arrival in a month or so. However, Self-Empowerment 101, The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer and the ABC’s of Spirituality in Business are available online, and are slowly making their way into all sorts of pockets of the world. Perhaps one of these would make a good Christmas present for someone on your list.

In Service to Oneness
As many of you know, the book Oneness has been a companion of mine for years and has supported me through some huge spiritual emergence processes. Without this book I would not have understood the territory, nor would I have had the courage to immerse myself in a journey that seemed at times to be a death-defying experience. Throughout the coaching training program, I shared the value of this book to budding transformational coaches, as I had and still have no doubt the need for coaching to this level of human process essential as the paradigms shift. Many of my clients are encouraged to read Oneness too, because their process also requires some educating and validation of the experiences they are having as they explore the far reaches of themselves. I can’t tell you how extraordinary it is to coach to the larger bandwidth of my clients’ spiritual and human dilemmas.

Through the past months, I’ve had more people contact me regarding one-on-one coach training “ specifically desiring to train to coach to deeper, more transpersonal levels of being. So, three things have begun to unfold. First, I decided I’m going to begin a coaching training program again. This training is open to experienced coaches and practitioners who are prepared to create a safe space for client in need of deep diving for the purpose of revealing their essential Self having the experience of humanness. This training will be provided on a one to one basis, through weekend retreats and by group practicums via video conferencing. I’ll be happy to tell you more if you are interested. Just email me!

Beginning in January 15th, I’ll be offering two practicums. The first is an open forum called: The Unfolding Process of Spiritual Emergence. These hour and a half sessions are open to anyone engaged in personal work and desires support from a community. The intention of this practicum is to engage in conversations that validates and holds space for all of the myriad of experiences that are part and parcel of opening up to the fullest expression of our essential nature.Fee: By Donation: Suggested Donation $25.00. Contact me for more information.

The second is a six week practicum beginning January 15th. Oriented toward enhancing your coaching practice and to increase the bandwidth of practitioners who already support individuals on the edge of their spiritual transcendent process. Those attending will strengthen their capacity to work outside the normal paradigm, resourcing Universal Source more effortlessly and empower clients to appreciate the lived experience of their spiritual journey. This course is not for sissies! Fee $390.00 – for six hour and a half sessions via Three people minimum and ten people max. For more information and to register, contact me.

Third: I’ll be teaming up with Elynn Light, Master Intuitive Healer, for a weekend retreat outside Boulder, February 21-24. Those on the cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness are preparing for the enormous wave of expansion to flood our offices and healing centers. By increasing awareness of vibrational resonance in yourself as you work you’ll feel more empowered to confidently empower clients to shift their current paradigm. We invite coaches and healers who have experienced the call to bigger work in the world to join us for this weekend retreat. For more information or to register contact Elynn , Rosie or check out our flyer . We’d be very happy to talk with you to hear more of what you are looking for.

Core Values Index
About six months ago, I introduced many of you to the CVI “ Core Value Index. I’m curious how taking the CVI impacted on you and the way you see yourself making your highest and best contribution. I continually find it a valuable tool to bring into my coaching sessions and for myself as well. It gives me a point of reference from which to engage my clients. For those of you who’ve yet to take the CVI, here is the link . I’d love to hear how you’ve been impacted by the CVI. Email ME!

Considering Coaching, Training or Supervision?
I’m making room for more clients these days, so if you have a desire to experience more self-empowerment for the work you are doing personally or professionally let me know. I’d love to support you! Email me!

Many blessings to you throughout the holidays and the new year!

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