Letting It All Go

My friend Shannon asked me the other day, “So, Rosie, what are your intentions for this new year 2022?” I said, “My intention is to have no intention. Historically, anything and everything I intend regarding ‘more, better and different,’ brings me nothing but frustration–especially when it comes to monetizing my business. Financially, I’m fine. However, there is something gnawing at me, which keeps me feeling angst and anxious. In 2022, I’m letting go and letting God.”


Monetizing Your Business & Your Life

In the world of attraction and manifestation, we are taught to hold intentions, create a vision board and keep focused on all of our heart’s desires. For me, it doesn’t work. (That’s not to say it doesn’t work for others.)

As an example, with all of the effort I’ve put into Social Media, Availabilities, Books, Videos, Blogs and Podcasts, you would think it would bring thousands to my door–a little exaggeration, but that’s what I thought would happen. Truth is, very few individuals that I know of reach out to me for support, so, why keep doing what doesn’t work?


Looking for Validation?

Year after year, decade after decade, I’ve been looking for validation from outside myself. In all the ways I’ve mentioned: through clients, trainees, readers, subscribers, listeners and followers…. I’m looking to make something of it, in order to feel good about myself! 

What it comes down to is that I’ve been in the practice of monetizing almost every aspect of my life: I want to monetize my YouTube channel and live on the passive income from that and my 14 books. I want to be a guest on other people’s podcasts and YouTube channels, sharing what I’ve got to offer and gaining new rabid followers and consumers from it. But the reality is drips and drops and trickles of interest. It’s not working to increase my income. And it frustrates me! 


The Point is This: I’m Doing It for the Wrong Reasons! 

I’m not immune to being shallow. I’m not immune to wanting fame, fortune and freedom from everyday stresses. I’m not immune to desiring what other people have. I’m not immune to being part of a culture that values money and what money can bring, or seeing money as more important than everything else. 

So, even though I’ve been on a spiritual path for decades, training myself to distinguish my fear-based practices from essence-based practices, I’m still at times caught up in the web of convoluted practices that I misconstrue as essence-based, when really they are still based in fear and the “need” for monetization of every aspect of my life. JEESH!

Think about this for a second: If you were to add up all the thoughts throughout your day, what percentage of your thoughts would you see as being related to money: how much something costs, how much money you are making, how you choose what you choose? For example, “I’d like to buy lobster for New Year’s Eve, but the prices are atrocious!!” Or, “This sweater is on sale. I prefer the other one, but it’s more expensive–I’ll buy the one on sale.” Or, “I’d love to go for a walk this afternoon, but I should really get that proposal done.” Or, “I’m really attracted to so-and-so, but they haven’t got much money. I want to be with someone who has a lot of money.”

This whole conversation is really about the fact that I’ve noticed how often I’m triggered by thoughts of costs, productivity, and making money. I wake up Monday morning in angst, wondering what I will be doing to bring in money. I hear the furnace running at night and see little dollar signs floating away into the ethers. I can’t help monetizing every little thought or action throughout the day!

So many incessant thoughts about the monetizing of my life actually create strife, frustration and a sense of dread. This pattern of thinking and being isn’t working–for me or for my business! 


Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work!

If some practice or principle isn’t working for me, even though it works for others, I can make it mean that there is something wrong with me, something wrong with the principle or practice, or that there is a different principle or practice that is mine to discover. This last thought is the one I’m after.

Researching and perhaps checking out success principles and practices of other people can be a worthy exploration and place to start. And, they inevitably lead to revealing what’s yours to do, as well as what’s not yours to do. You will know the difference.

In my case, I’ve done everything according to the book (ie: other people’s opinions) to grow my Coaching/Training Programs, my passive income, & my exposure through interviews, podcasts and YouTube, social media, etc. It’s not working. Some would say, “YOU HAVE TO DO MORE, BETTER, DIFFERENT.” I say, “Yeah–No! There is another way, and I’m not going to discover it by ‘doing more’ and ‘doing better.’ I have to find my way.” 


The Truth Shall Set You Free–Is it Worth the Price?

Every one of us knows within ourselves that truth shall set us free. Every one of us knows within ourselves the resentment we feel when we walk the primrose path with no real satisfaction from the journey.  And, every one of us knows within ourselves when we resist acknowledging the truth, or letting go of beliefs and behaviors that aren’t working for us.

Indeed, the truth will set us free, but quite often we are so afraid that this means losing control of our lives, that we decide it isn’t worth even trying. We want freedom but we don’t want to give up control. That’s funny, eh?

Even though the conversation of monetizing my life is still going on incessantly, by bringing my attention to it, I am able to notice when those inner dialogs occur. I’m able to put a halt to them more quickly than ever before.

What I know through direct experience is that, when I make choices based on inspiration, intuition and my heart’s desire, all is right with the world. In these moments, I lack nothing and I experience a wonderful sense of freedom, harmony and alignment with my highest Truth. I trust the truth of this. And, little by little, I let go of the patterns of thinking that are aligned with money, cost, and productivity as it relates to monetization.

What is left is contentment, serenity, and peace in knowing that I’m aligned with my highest truth. What comes of this will be another big adventure into the unknown–or the unknown beyond the consensus view of reality!

This is my non-intention for 2022!

Of course, you know that I am here to support and empower you in your own discovery of your unfolding path. Email me to get started!



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