I’ve Arrived! Well, Sort Of

After a long labor of love and introspection, my next book is about to arrive! It’s titled: I’ve Arrived! Well, Sort Of: 101 Discoveries and Revelations Stumbled Upon While On the Sacred Path to Who Knows Where. Yep, it’s a long title, but I love it, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

You might not guess this about me, but every time a new book idea comes to me I initially say F*CK!!! Sure, transcribing millions of thoughts into a cohesive volume of words is a ton of work, but, in my experience, the book always knows what it wants to say – just like my podcasts and blogs know what they want to say. So that’s not the issue.

Plus, I’m fully aware that I’ve raised my hand to acknowledge that I’m up for the task of sharing these thoughts with the world. So that’s not the issue, either.

It’s that, even with trusting the flow and knowing that this is mine to do, I also feel the agony of defeatedness – partly because it feels as if my work is never done; partly because of the uncertainty about what will come through, and will I get it right; and partly because there is a part of me that is still buying into the context of being an author/book writer, and the internal interpretations of that context which says, "book writing should generate great money, and if you aren’t making great money on it, then you are not a successful book writer."

Well, with just under 20 books under my belt, what I know to be true is that I am a word artist. My writings are sourced through my intuition. Much like a poet or novelist, my writing expresses a truth from within – a knowingness which comes through direct experiences – not from theories, research, and other people’s experience.

Hobbyists who paint, sculpt, whittle, compose, mold and weld – they are all following a desire to be in direct experience with the flow of reality through their particular medium. I’m no different. A book is made up of thousands of strokes on my keyboard, coming through one at a time, just as a painting is made up of thousands of paint strokes coming through one at a time. A carver makes thousands of chisel strokes, one at a time. A composer creates songs or concertos one keynote at a time. The meticulous presence required, regardless of one’s passion, brings about a completion of one’s resonance with the piece. And, something miraculous comes into existence!

My personal context for writing has me experience humiliation with every new book idea that comes to me. The humiliation is sourced in the belief that "good writers make great money through their writing" – Hence the Oh F*ck! The inner dialog goes like this: "Here’s another opportunity to display my lack of ability to make great money through writing. What a waste! What’s the Point?"

"Okay, Rosie," I hear you saying, "How do you follow your highest truth to get you out of this one? Hmmmm?"

So says I, if each of us is creating our own reality, and each of us is responsible for our own lives, then I have to take a look at what I burden each book with by having my interpretation that, "This is just one more book that isn’t going to make great money." I have to be responsible for the truth of what I’ve created and what I continue to create by saying, "This is just one more book…"

Truth is, I love each book I’ve written. I love the writing. I love that my words speak to me in a way that I’ve not experienced through other writers. I love co-creating with Maureen O’Neill, my graphic designer and fellow word-smyther. I love co-creating with Ruby Hernandez, who is a copywriter and editor, among other things. I love the revelations, and I love listening for and hearing the Divine Guidance who, in essence, dictates every word and nuance to me, through me. I love all of it!

So how do I be with this limiting context about my writings? It’s time to reconnect to the Spiritual Principles that I believe to be true:

  • Do What You Love and the Money will Follow.
  • Mixed Feelings Will Create Mixed Results.
  • The Highest Vibrational Results are Always Forthcoming, and if they aren’t forthcoming, you’ve got some work to do.
  • Life is Always Working for Me (and You!)

What is mine to do then, given all of these spiritual principles staring me down?

Let go of every judgment about myself and my books. Shift from the Paradigm of "You Keep Proving Yourself Inept" to the Paradigm within which this statement is true: "You keep Proving You Are Gifted with an amazingly intimate relationship with the Divine. It’s time to let go of all judgments that tell you differently."

Okay! As you are my witnesses, this is the big "T" TRUTH that I will live into: I will train myself to live in the truth of my giftedness, as that is what I want you, too, to live into. I will train myself to feel the fears that arise & then let them go, so as to not contaminate the beauty of each Divine Gift manifested through each book. This is what I want for you too! And I will train myself to ongoingly notice all the ways that life IS working for me, as I want that for you too!

Thank you, as my constant supporters, for witnessing so much of my evolution to arriving – well sort of! I hope you join me on your own version of this journey to Who Knows Where. . . it is exquisite to experience life in this manner.


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