“Ineptitude in the Face of WTF!” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #162


Ineptitude in the Face of WTF!

No person is without experiences of ineptitude and powerlessness when faced with circumstances that are out of their control. Nobody! Facing the consequences of their actions – even when they only intended good things to happen, can bring about a shattering of being in control.

Forty plus years ago I made a choice that I knew was in the best interest of everyone involved in that particular circumstance. The outcome was devastating in so many ways. I had no idea that the unfolding of a decision made out of love could bring about hurt in so many people. And, forty plus years later, I too am experiencing what I hadn’t been able to face then. You just never know how life is going to unfold – no matter what!

Although there seems to be so many negative consequences that came with my decision back then, there are also positive ramifications of that choice that will longingly unfold in the future.

A spiritual principle that isn’t highly appreciated is the one that says every thing brings about love eventually. At times, it’s really hard for me to practice living into this principle.

However, my attempts to ignore it just creates more opportunities to get that specific lesson. That too is a spiritual principle!

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