“I’m Ready and Open to Receive – Where the HELL is IT?” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #134


I’m Ready and Open to Receive – Where the HELL is IT?

The highest vibrational results are always forthcoming. If they aren’t forthcoming I’ve got more work to do.

The declaration of being open and ready to receiving is truly a high achievement. It requires letting go what what you are afraid to lose. It requires that you are standing at the threshold of your existence about to spread your wings for the very first time. It requires that you be open to all that comes your way, no matter what.

It feels vulnerable, raw, while realizing all that you’ve gone through to prepare yourself for this opening and receiving. You feel ready!

At the same time, what arises may be resistance, or events that appear to limit what you are open to receiving. In this moment, you might collapse into disappointment, grief or anger because what you wanted isn’t forthcoming. This is a beautiful indication that perhaps there is more work to be done.

Readying yourself in preparation and opening yourself to receive are huge accomplishments. This is a very good thing. And, witnessing what we do with what comes our way, or what doesn’t come our way, informs us of what may be the obstacles in the way to literally experiencing the receiving our heart’s desire.

Back to the drawing board, as they say. Back to noticing any limiting thoughts and beliefs – in essence, any data that influences your state of being.

This process continually reveals deeper and more subtle patterns of thoughts that influence our capacity to receive what is. Sometimes those thoughts and emotions are elusive. You have a sense of them but you can’t yet put your finger on what it actually is.

I go into my sleuthing mode, noticing what stimulates that elusive something to arise. Quite often I’ll write it down to track the consistency of my discoveries. I’ll ask "what is the source of this shy, elusive, and fleeting sensation?”

I’ve been working with such a process over the past month or so. Fleeting sensations of anger arise. I attend to them when they arise and what has them arise. I’m pretty clear that they arise when I’m about to do something that is related to putting myself and my work into the world. I’m getting clearer that it is related to a belief that I somehow am not enough, as in, "If I was enough, my work would be acknowledged with fame and fortune."

I know that as long as this "not enough" belief resides within me, I won’t receive my heart’s desire. So I go back to the drawing board, writing down what I know to be true, I come back to love, I come back to the truth that I lack nothing, I come back to letting go of my attachments to my life looking a certain way because of what I am doing in the world.

"You are giving too much for nothing!" arises, as a deep sensation in my body, while sharing this with you. This sensation and the thought itself is just information. Some aspect of me is not at peace. It is grumbling and it arises as surges of anger when I’m about to share myself in the world. It says, "I’m angry that you aren’t getting anything tangible for this."

My job is to be present to this aspect that is angry. It has been hurt, perhaps lifetimes ago, and it wants something to take away that hurt. That something, it believes, has something to do with getting acknowledged, getting famous, and getting wealth. I sit with this anger, as I would with a client. Gently encouraging more openness about the source of that hurt, and perhaps some catharsis of the pain and grief that arose at the time of the hurt. I know there is no point in attempting to push or rush this process. It takes the time it takes.

I share this example with you with the intention of sharing that coming to truly manifest one’s heart’s desire requires bringing every aspect on board and integrating all of them into a unified field of resonance with that which you wish to manifest. Patience and presence, self-compassion and self-honor are key practices.

Listen in and then please share your perspective with me on my Facebook page!

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