“If You Are Exhausted Go Rest!” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #131


If You Are Exhausted Go Rest!

Quite often people who are going through a spiritual immersion process find themselves very tired. Why? They are detoxing and purging old patterns and old energies which takes more out of us than we realize.

Instead of making time to rest it’s easy to rationalize the fact that you don’t have any reason to be tired, so you shouldn’t be tired, so you ignore the signals that your body and energy field are sharing with you.

It is a normal part of this Spiritual Immersion Process to experience fatigue and exhaustion. And, it’s really important to listen to those cues and take time to rest, meditate, listen to music, walk gently in nature, or just sit quietly, and of course drink plenty of water. Bringing your body to a state of equanimaty will allow the important detox process to occur. Rest brings your body to a state where it can heal itself in so many ways. Therefore, when we bring our bodies and our beings into stasis, our spiritual evolution can unfold so much more effortlessly. That is what I want for you, and I hope you will allow for yourself.

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