If I Were Your Fairy Godmother…

This is how I’ve been starting many of my coaching sessions “ yes, even with executives and organizations.

Most individuals I meet don’t think they need or want a coach or thinking partner, but I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t love to have a Fairy Godmother.
By sometimes introducing the work I do in this way, it engages the individual’s childlike innocence. Playfulness and wonder instantly appear, which allows a grownup to shed their limiting, rational thinking process and freely imagine and allow wants, wishes and desires to be discovered, acknowledged and spoken. Sometimes, I’m sure a new clients is thinking: "Okay, I’ll play along. What can it hurt to humor the ol’ broad for an hour?" Generally speaking, both my client and I are delighted with the inexplicable outcome of our time together.

I Can’t Grant You Wishes Unless I Know What They Are
My client, Emily, today said, "You know, Rosie, when you say that you are my Fairy Godmother and you can grant me any wish; what I wish for, right now, is to be accepting my mother and to let go of my frustration, disappointment and anger towards her."

As every good Fairy Godparent knows, we are only the conduit through which the miraculous passes. Personally, I can’t take credit for what shows up. All of my prior preparations, though, have prepared me to engage in the magic of de-perceptionalizing this moment, so as to allow my client access to greater wisdom and truth.
Often, it’s a very simple shift that needs to occur. For Emily to manifest her wish. I ask: "What would have to shift, Emily, for you to accept your mom?" She was able to articulate she’d have to give up her expectations of her mom. I find it fascinating the use of the word ‘shift’ allows so much more potentiality to appear, as opposed to: what would you have to change; what would you have to do; where’s the problem; what needs fixing. These questions, generally speaking, do not induce an opening to the same degree that the word ‘shift’ allows.

What is your mother’s name? I asked Emily. "Her name is Susan." Says Emily.
"So, Emily, what happens when you consider having those same expectations of Susan as you do of your mom?" Emily laughed. She said "All of those expectations instantly vanish. I would never have those expectations of Susan!" Presto-chango! Emily’s wish as just come true! But that’s not the end of the session ….

I had a second question for Emily: "How old is the you that has expectations of your mom?" Emily shared that she’s very young “ maybe five or six.
As Emily, discerns how she is as the five year old, wanting a mom and the thirty year old that relates to Susan; in this moment she realizes that she is at choice and can choose to have an adult relationship with Susan, without the pesky, unfulfilled expectations muddying the emotional waters. Emily is also mature enough to experience that younger, less mature part of herself that still wants a mom sometimes. She is now free to choose to have a mom/daughter relationship too. Emily and I both were ecstatic that her Fairy Godmother came through for her again. FUN!

The School for the Advancement of Fairy Godmothers and Fairy Godfathers
Life and business coaching is serious business. Sometimes a request for coaching comes because of dire circumstances that seem untenable; the life of a business, a relationship or a person may at stake. A transformational coach’s ability to have access to the largest bandwidth of possibility is essential. For me, engaging my clients’ whole being, including their innocent child-self, can bring magic and miracles into the most dreadful, impossible and horrific situations. Yes, even to executives and organizations. It provides an opportunity for them to reach for the most significant desires; without doing so, they can never come true!

Indulge yourself with a conversation with your Fairy Godmother or your Fairy Godfather. You have one as close as the tip of your nose. And, you have me!

What’s Happening at the Paradigm Shifts

Kindle, Smashwords, Amazon and Lighting Source!
I’m telling you … publishing is no easy task. Just know that in the end, just like birthing a baby, its well worth the effort, once you’ve see the fulfillment of your creation. Dilemmas of Being in Business and the ABC’s of Spirituality in Business are available everywhere now, along with Self-Empowerment 101 and The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer.For more information, click here!

California “ I’m on my Way “ Almost!
Finally, plans are solidifying. I’m looking forward to not only seeing so many of you in person but also the hugs that we’ve only share through the air-waves. I’ll be driving down, leaving Orcas on Monday, May 13th. I’m looking forward to the adventures of this road trip.

In terms of my speaking events, here’s what is planned. I hope you can make it to one of them.
Thursday, May 16th :Sofia University (ITP) 5:30-7pm
An Evening with Rosie Kuhn: Dilemmas of Being in Business
Join me for a discussion of my newest book, Dilemmas of Being in Business. I’ll be sharing my model for engaging people in the often unconscious process of choice-making. I’ll also talk about my work as a coach, and using some specific tools to empower people to make their highest and best contribution in the world.

Fee: Free and we will have refreshments. For more information, contact: Katrina Rahn at (650) 493-4430 or at Katrina.rahn@sofia.edu, or, to contact me, call 360-376-4323

Where: Sofia University: 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303, 1059 A Classroom

Saturday, May 18th, 11:00-12:30 Ph.D. I’ll be the Key Note Speaker at the Student Symposium: Serving Humanity Through Research
I’ll be discussing A Transpersonalist’s Guide to the Universe: 10 Principles you need to know to generate a thriving relationship with humanity. We are gonna have fun!

For more information on this event …, or contact Jasman Mann, or to contact me, call 360-376-4323
Where: Sofia University: 1069 E. Meadow Circle, Classrooms 1059A & 1059B, FREE ADMISSION

East West Bookstore Tuesday May 21st 7:30-9pm
This book signing will focus on the book ABC’s of Spirituality in Business. Dysfunction? Chaos? Poor management and leadership? But of course! What better place to engage fully in the process of being the fullest expression of your essential self? We will discuss the dilemmas of the workplace and the way out of stuckness, stress and disillusionment, to discover how you are cultivating your potential in every moment of your work-life. For more information, go to Book Signing.

I can’t wait to see you!

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