If I Don’t Go, I Won’t Know

Well, my dream of working abroad is coming true. I’m heading to Moscow in August to facilitate a training in transformational coaching; after which I head to Scotland to see my daughter and family, then to Moldova to present at the European Transpersonal Psychology conference, and then, most likely back home to Orcas. The truth is, I’m scared to death!

It’s one thing to find fulfillment and success sitting on a mountain side, secluded from the world. Its another to take that leap of faith into a world that is far, far away from the safety of my little haven, to practice what I preach, to walk my talk, to live my truth, with no attachment to the outcome. It is definitely a push to actualize this dream. But, when the call from Central Command comes in, my commitment is to answer the call, put on my flight suit, and leap!

For the past three years, I’ve been exercising, stretching and strengthening very specific muscles groups that serve to keep me awake and conscious to the big T Truth. I remain mindful of my expanded Self, navigating the world within, while resting within the natural beauty of Orcas Island. Apparently, I’m ready to, not only come off the mountain, but to practice being me in a world that now seems really big and scary.

By saying yes to Central Command, a pocket of old and indefinable emotions make themselves known. Despite many accomplishment and capabilities, what emerges is the thought that resources won’t be available and I’ll become lost in a maelstrom of calamities. Following the regiment of the Pre-Flight Checklist I designed for myself, I sit quietly upon my couch and begin the work of re-aligning myself with Truth.

Pre-Flight Checklist
I sink into my essential truth, that I have nothing that doesn’t come from Oneness/Universal Source. I surrender my will, my very existence and all its expressions to Oneness, especially focusing on the angst and worry that plagues me in this moment. I release any judgments, beliefs, assessments and interpretation that are not in alignment with my Truth; that beyond all right and wrong, good and bad, the true nature of life exists; and, I, like you, live here!

I clear anything that interferes with my highest truth and highest good, often requesting support and assistance from not only wise ones on the planet, but also the unseens, who are available, always.
I practice embodying the experience of lacking nothing in this moment.
I trust, that when I release all thoughts that have me feel angst and worry, my need to control the future and the now will crumble. I know now, through years of experience, that I will be directed very specifically through intuition, inspiration, and perhaps words from the unseen support. "I will be told all I need to know."( A Course in Miracles, p.1)

If I don’t go, leaving the safety and sureness of who I am here, on the mountain, I won’t know the degree to which I am the fullest expression of my essential nature. If I don’t walk my talk, I’ll miss the experience of the experiment called my life. Self-realization is nothing if not actualized through experience. You gotta go if you wanna know!

A Couple of Cool Things …
I’m heading back to California in August for a couple of events. I’m inviting you to join me for one workshop in particular, being held in San Jose: Supporting the Unfolding Process of Being Human, Friday, August 9th, from 9:30 “ 5:30. This workshop will be an opportunity to work in person with many of the ideas and practices of the online course I facilitated earlier this year. You will be engaging in some heavy-duty practices in support of being the healer, coach, therapist, or leader that you are inspired to be. As always, we’ll have a lot of fun! For more information, click here, or email me.

Full Potentiality in Europe
While in Europe I’m looking for opportunities to talk about my work, facilitate trainings, and do some coaching. If you know people and organizations that would experience value from my work, I’d so appreciate hearing from you. Email me! Also, I’ll post the event for the Moscow Training shortly. If you are interested in knowing more about theTranspersonal Conference in Moldova, click here.

Preflight Checklist
If you’d like a copy of my Pre-Flight Checklist, I’ll happily email you a copy. It is a culmination of all my experiences and my readings of Oneness “ The Teachings, A Course in Miracles, David Hawkins, Nisargadatta’s I Am That, The Twelve Step Program, and more. It is a killer practice that, for me, has prooved itself with miraculous results. Email Me!

Sending you blessings and wishes that you continue to cultivate strength and courage to live your life on purpose, with joy and playfulness. My intention is to empower you to bring your fullest expression into the world. It you imagine anyway that our working together will bring this about, contact me.

As always I send you hugs,

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